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Thread: Second Clue - Post Solution Talk

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    Default CLUE 3 to be released June 1

    Just saw this on the ATT website


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunting4Treasure View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pooksniffer
    Quote Originally Posted by renart
    One thing I anagrammed was "hidden treasure clue is at oy."
    Ummm...maybe it's just me, but could it be:
    "Hidden treasure clue is a toy"
    Clever! A Rubic's Cube *is* a toy! :P

    I guess I always liked this anagram of Clue 2's presentation: Here is your clue and its date!, rearranged to "Hidden treasure clue is a toy!"

    To me, what it suggests is that the final Rubic answer should perhaps also be rearranged, that is: "There are no intentional red herrings. Posted in March, not April 1" might contain other interesting bits of info.

    Just playing around in placing the clue in 3 parts, first in a octogon shape that is reminiscent of the knothole shape in the Linden(?) tree on page 16:


    It reads along the outside, working in, "there are no intentional red herrings. Poste" then it ends. The rest is ".....d in March. Not April 1".

    If you trim off the outer NSEW letter, "The", "EAR" "NOI", and "TEN", you are left with a 5x5 inside:


    But first the letters "THEEARNOITEN" ought to be looked at. I get "Note E in Earth".

    On page 16 the poem reads, "Below sky and above Earth Be. The E in Earth is the 17th letter and is the only tree on the page that contains a red leaf.

    I want to make something out the the 5x5 above and the left-over letters, " D in March. Not April 1", but I've run out of time, and will return to it tomorrow or the next day. Just to take a deeper look at Clue 2, because I've always thought that Clue 1's "Crystal Pook is thirteen" could be re-anagrammed to start decipher key in tools.

    We never had to start any key in tools, on page 19, but then, we never had anything to solve on page 16 either, with all the trees, and that seemed wrong to me. Another unsolved page in 36. So I'm going back to Online Clues 1, and 2, before agonizing again over 3 and 4. Then back to the pages in the book that deserved to have a puzzle hidden in them somewhere, like the page with Rusful in his cave, surrounded by broken crockery and retorts.

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