Sigfried is young and slight, nervous, thinks he's a hamster, and has modified his apartment to accomodate his hamster friend, Montecore. Montecore is also the name of the tiger that attacked Roy Horn of Sigfried and Roy fame in Las Vegas.

Sigfried and Montecore are nocturnal. Their alibi to Roy Dodge and Gus Twining is that they were asleep when the robber(ies) took place. On their part, the robber-gorillas were playing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on the piano, followed by a Bach sonata. Montecore woke up and chased the gorillas out of the apartment, but apparently they stole Montecore's metronome on the way out (Montecore also plays the piano). Montecore played "Moon River" for Roy Dodge as Gus explored the apartment to sketch it out. Incidently, the piano had been wiped down after contamination by the gorilla/robbers, because Montecore is a neatfreak.