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Thread: Cluesday

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    Default Cluesday

    Can't get more specific than today's clue stating that it is not in Delaware.

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    Default One or two possibilities

    Anaxagoras couldn't do it =
    A anaconda lox trouts -->
    a snake salmon rainbows =
    Room banana slakes wins -->
    yellow sates succeeds =
    clue scales eyed twos - or -
    clue scale weeds toys

    Actually, "Room banana slakes wins" could be intended as the solution for this series. There is a room with a banana drink in it. Don't quite know how to interpret it, though.

    According to thesaurus.com, a scale can be a ladder. (See bathroom.) Rungs and steps seem to be synonymous in TCWAF, too. The steps near the beds are six and two. How many rungs on the bathroom ladder?

    I suppose "scales" could allude to musical scales or the graduated measurements on the thermometer or the exercise clock. (It does seems as though the numberless clock should be a clue.) All the things in that latter anagram solution are found on this floor, if you allow that the vase might contain weeds.

    Other fourth floor ideas:

    Maybe that "Total Eclipse of the Heart = Hole Site Fortieth State" solution will be useful after all? That would be South Dakota.

    With all the Tennessee hints associated with this floor, I had been happy to see the "425" clues everywhere, signifying (I thought) a rest area at mile 425 on I-40. But maybe these clues represented 4 X 25, and the mile clue really is the 100 represent by the pipe and two water dishes near the back wall. That would be Wasta, S.D. on I-90.

    Gotta watch out for that red light in the room, though.

    Another idea. Stuff on the floor in the back room is:
    sweet cedar + oy + five =
    SD I-Forty / Ace Eve We -->
    Pitcher Night Us =
    Cipher gush tint - or -
    Cipher shutting

    I think the "gush" is the waterfall on Floor 10. (The rifle is the link between Floors 4 and 10, but the umbrellas near the "clew" and "cue" may also be a link - 10, 12 and 4 have umbrellas.) I'm not sure that "blue and white" is the correct answer for "gush tint", though. The tint could refer to something near the waterfall instead of the waterfall itself.

    I suppose "Gush" could also refer to a place like "Rapid City" or "Sioux Falls" (if you are ready to focus on S.D.). "Tint" could refer to "Vermillion" or "White Lake".

    But I don't want to assume that SD is the only answer. Just one thread. If we have no one to check the rest areas, maybe not a fun one to follow.

    If the emerging pattern holds, a phrase on Floor 10 - probably involving Klobberduck's rifle - may also provide a major clue for a Floor 4 solution.

    The website clue shows us that the big green exercise wheel is important, too.

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    Default Clues

    It isn't in Delaware, but there are also two other potential clues...

    The quote "Anaxagoras couldn't do it. Neither could Indiana." That MayorSara is working on, and the number 1522.

    Are there any relationships between the greek philosopher Anaxagoras and Indiana Jones? On one level they both are teachers. Indiana Jones taught at Barnett College near Fairfield, NY

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    Anaxagoras was the first to work on a specific problem allegedly while in prison. The state of Indiana tried to make a hoax of the problem and set a value (the wrong one!) for pi (and the problem Anaxagoras worked on turns out to be impossible) into a law. Luckily a visiting professor prevented it.

    Both Anaxagoras and Indiana refer to the same thing. What it means? I have no idea. Maybe that none of us can do it since it is impossible. or maybe a reference to the big hamster wheel? PM me if this is too confusing.

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    Default impossible

    I too came to the conclusion that the clue might be saying
    "This is an impossibility".

    Some other connections to the term "squaring the circle":

    It is a music album title by Bob Dylan
    It is a book title by Niel Hancock

    The large green wheel is the sign for zero or null.


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    New clue non-clue up. Pretty funny actually.

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