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Thread: Great site!...playfair cipher calculator

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    Do you think maybe we are making this harder than its soppose to be. Reading in to much. I don't have the answers either, but I think its going to be easier than we are making it. Has anyone taken all the puzzle pieces and put them in hte puzzle on page 59. THANKS AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

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    I really believe that we are making this harder than it needs to be. I am at the point now where I don't even know what is a clue and what is not. And yes, I think that the puzzle pieces have been assembled.

    Also, there's one piece in the puzzle (top of page) that doesn't seem to fit. You can see where MS drew white lines around the edges. It doesn't seem to match the peices next to it. I believe that there is an exact duplicate of this piece on the right side of the page (sorry I dont have my book with me).


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    okay - i admit it ---- i did spend an entire day painstakingly cutting each and every puzzle piece and pasting back together. i know, i need help! anyway, i see the piece you're talking about (great catch!). so in the hopes of finally being able to contribute something worthwhile (the guilt of taking without giving is killing me!), i copied and cut this piece and tried to find a place where it would fit ---- it doesn't seem to but there are others who have put the puzzle together that might find something i didn't. fyi - this is the D in CODE.

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    The discussion about the puzzle pieces, including the duplicate and the one with the white edges, are over on page 59: http://tweleve.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=194


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