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Thread: Wrong caption?

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    Default Wrong caption?

    Does anyone think that the picture is described by the caption below the frame on page 19? I can actually rearrange the pieces of pook I get when I cut the page (as described below) to make a silly picture of him bent over backwards in zacs arms (hint try using the saw blade as part of the new body for pook), but what is freaking me out is that the hatch marks on the right sleeve now line up with the collar to make a new shoulder for a zac who is oriented 90 degrees to the left.

    Also, we know that zac cuts his wood in sagital sections so that the grain matches on the top of his jewelry box; did he do the same thing to make this frame? if so does that mean we could realign the wood to adjust the picture.

    What really bothers me is that the folding ruler is duplicated on the left side and the bottom. when I cut this page along the frame joints and lined up the rulers the other tools fit perfectly so this is either a cut and paste shortcut while creating the book or this means something I don't understand.

    Oh I just have to say that there are more fives on this page than I can count.

    The compasses make a V (roman numeral 5)
    The drill is a Sigma (5th greek letter)
    The drill bit has five spirals
    The folding ruler is a five by five matrix

    And about that ruler...can someone tell me why there are different numbers of little hatch marks between the inch lines? I thought there were supposed to be 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, and 1/8th inch lines. This is either careless or intentional right? If you are looking for numbers to fill in a five-by-five code why not start with the number of hatch marks he gives?

    The chisel is a five surface pyramid...

    And even though I don't want to go there, these are all Masonic symbols and he does refence the masonic ritual in the companion book as a solve for the Beale cyphers. Will someone please tell me they have already thought of this and it didn't pan out?


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    I've noticed that about the tools as well... that the left side and bottom right are identically laid out... hmm

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    The bottom and left sides are NOT identical. The T-square on the bottom is 88 degrees and the one on the side is 90.

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    the caption makes sense to me

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    Default Hatch Marks

    In response to jshelnutt's comment regarding rearraning picture: I posted earlier about overlapping wooden frame sections creates several letters within the woodgrain. However I did not try rearranging any other portions of the picture.

    Page 45 grid would also probably drive you insane with matching lines, marks, etc. I scanned, enlarged and printed this grid and cut it into all the little boxes. There are several "lines" created by no color that seem to be guides for overlapping pieces. It is uncanny how so many of the pieces have exact matches (side to side and overlayed) with lines and shading. I have come up so far with a perfect old fashioned lock, a jar, workings of a statue but all really have no meaning to me.

    I think that many of the drawings in the book, when taken apart in some way allows our minds to see a new "whole" out of a "half" or other portion of the photo. It's like the example of the mispelled paragraph posted on this site that is easily read even with all the mispellings. Our minds process information so quickly, in part, because they have been programmed to anticipate outcomes. When we look at page 19 we see a man holding a dog -- but if we provide the mind with less data -- a portion of the pic -- we have changed the data and therefore probably changed the outcome. I have noticed several instances where a scanned image from the book when viewed in Photoshop revealed an unanticipated new image when I zoomed in and viewed only a portion of the pic.

    I know many on the forum, myself included probably, do not think it is necessary to dissect the art in order to discover the token loacations, however I am lost on the grid stuff and I am thoroughly enjoying my "reprogramming" my brain regarding the pics and I am definately not anticipating an outcome of a found token. Plus it has given me an interesting way to learn Photoshop 7.0.

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    Default cut and paste

    I too have run into multiple cut and paste things in the book and have been trying to make sense of them. It would be an easy way to do something on purpose, and also an easy way to complete the illustration with no real meaning. I am working on a leaf problem, i will compare it to the repeating things here.

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