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Thread: Forum Progress on Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by haf
    Does anyone else take offense to being called a knothole by MS(Yorahknothole)?
    LOL Yes, I actually thought about that, but only for a moment. If you "past tense" it, you get Yorahs knothole. Then I felt better.

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    i believe that yorahsknothole is bnot past tense but possessive... wow this is so off topic... oh well.


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    Default 5x5 Grid SOLVER

    Hi folks --

    Have a set of coordinates and don't know what to do with them??

    I've been able to write a program (using Excel and Visual Basic) that can take any set of coordinates and find all 5x5 alpha encoded messages that can be made from those coordinates.

    The program calculates 5x5 grids based on four parameters: (1) the starting letter of the grid, (2) the initial position of that starting letter, (3) the pattern type, and (4) whether to fill in the pattern in alpha ascending or descending order.

    I've currently programmed in 12 different pattern types, including the more basic top to bottom/left to right variations, as well as 4 different spiral patterns. I can easily add more patterns if necessary.

    The other neat thing the program allows is for you to FIX any of the four variables -- so, for example if you have a set of coordinates and no nothing else about the grid, you can leave all variables unfixed, but if you suspect or know say that the starting letter is "B" you can set that as fixed and allow the other variables to run.

    The output is a record of all the encoded messages, along with the keys to the grid that produced it.

    So -- IF YOU HAVE A SET OF COORDINATES and don't know what to do with them -- contact me. I can run all the alpha grids against them to see what clicks.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to e-mail me offline at bcjohnson3@gmail.com or look for me on Yahoo Messenger as sunwolf3.


    PS. To run all grid patterns from a set of coordinates (15,000+, with some duplication) takes about 25 minutes on a machine with a decent speed processor.

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