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Thread: Inside Jokes

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    Default Inside Jokes

    You hang out with the same people for a while, and some inside jokes develop. Here's a little help decoding some of them.

    [h3]Lobby the lobster[/h3]Basically cthree told a story about a huge lobster that he saw in a restaraunt tank. He was inspired briefly to start a collection fund to SAVE LOBBY - hilarity ensued. The forum seemed to enjoy this -- and frequently will hail Lobby or otherwise invoke his name. [footnote]http://tweleve.org/showpost.php?p=353375&postcount=20[/footnote]

    [h3]F.abulous[/h3] - "Why can't i type ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++???" You might wonder why f.abulous has been censored. The fact is: it is a horrible word and should never be uttered or spoken.

    [h3]The Crazy Chicken and its "Special" power[/h3]- In the original TweleveStore there were many pets to be purchased with Twollars - Tweleve's currency. One of them was the stupendously rare Crazy Chicken of which only 2 were known to exist. They were purchased by snowqueen and lizardlips. The Crazy Chicken is rumored by the Administration to have "special" powers. Since the chicken has never shown any "special" powers, you may see some of the unbelieving making jokes about the Crazy Chicken. This editor has a feeling they will all be blinded by the chicken light on some undetermined date.

    [h3]Twolly, the Twollarmonger[/h3] - Tweleve's fuzzy, lazy mascot who lives deep in the wires of Tweleve's server. In the old TweleveStore he was in charge of baking "shards". He wasn't a very fast baker but his shards were perfect every time.
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