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    I have been working on the algebraic equitions on this page.
    I do not believe they work. Unless there is someone that can prove it right.

    In taking the two equations 11z=7x+29y and z-29y you get 10z=7x
    The lowest common denominator yields z=7 and x=10.
    By plugging these numbers in c=170, but c=34^7 results in 52,523,350,144.

    Has anyone else been able to solve or get different results?

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    It's been quite a while since I've looked at this hunt, but if I remember correctly the only way to get all of the equations to work is to have some numbers go into a crazy string of decimal places. My thought is that they stand alone. That being said, all of the numbers in the equations can be found in the squares next to them. If I remember correctly, the amount of numbers left over is the same as the amount of equations. Perhaps each of those numbers is an answer? Not sure if the strange little symbol made from the brackets and plus signs are a clue either. Perhaps it is time to start looking at this hunt again.

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