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Thread: August 28 interview on cbs clue?

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    Default August 28 interview on cbs clue?

    I was wondering if anybody knows if MS wife has ever been on an interview before. I heard somewhere that the Ana character is molded from his wife, and Zac from himself. Maybe her just being on the program is a clue to look for Ana. Some of the clues are suposed to be that simple. MS is a very intellegent man, he knows he has to keep his fans busy while hes finishing the new book. He also knew he wanted this book to last. If I were to write a book,I would make sure that there was some thing extra, so that years down the road my grandchildren's children would have this experience. Please if someone knows if she has been on an interview previous to this one let me know. I am really uneasy about thinking that the hunt is over. I just know there are real clues in here that dont match any of the locations that have been reported. All the tokens have been found yes, but the human characters might not be tokens , ana and zac are married, possibly rings. Someone please give me any of your ideas. I am in Georgia, at the Florida-Georgia line. I am willing to look for anyone in the south. I think this is a good location for something. People in south florida could not make it to a location in a day so far.
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    Helen is a very nice lady, I'm sure the other board members who have met her will attest.

    She does a ton of work behind the scenes at ATT, and wilthout the credit due her. When we (finally) award the signed hard cover book for the PALMS contest, you can thank her for making that happen.


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