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Thread: the ant code

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    Weren't you wondering about that noise behind you?


    What about those little dashes along the edge of the cloth coming down off her arm

    they look a lot like roman numerals or coordinate pairs
    Or am I just paranoid...

    *Of course*

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    Default dandelion code spread sheet

    I am not a computer wiz, but I am plodding through plotting all 120 possible combinations to those damn fuzzy things. So far nothing is remotely making sense. There are only a couple (I'm up to 90) that would even be candidates for anagraming. Not that I think he'd have us anagraming something 16 characters long.

    I flew to Vegas & drove a rent car down to Laughlin, convinced that the whole shape of the NV SRA Big Bend of the Colorado was a perfect match to one of the fairie maps. It was so undeveloped that there's no way that he would have been assured that what he left there would remain there, so no way.

    My husband and I drove north in NV to Winnemucca (actually east of there) to a historical marker/rest stop named "Button Point" (pg 41). None of the trees were a match, but we saw some new birds for our life list, and just to be sure, we checked everyone of the 25 or so trees.

    I've sent my daughter in Texas on some fool errands too.

    But my biggest problem is that I had this brain flash on the spider's knots and don't know what to do with it.

    rant over.

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    Default Re: dandelion code spread sheet

    Have you tried using jxsmith's 5xi5 solver?


    It really makes it much more easy to go through all the combinations than doing it manually.

    Also anagramming has only been used in the case of grasshopper, the rest of tokes had a solution that consisted on a string of letters that was already in order as it was obtained from the picture. So I wouldn't waste much time in anagramming 16 letters.

    Good luck with that Spider flash!

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    I don't trust that solver. It probbally records all likealy answers and then gives them to jim so he can get the tokens himself!!!

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    That explains how he got to the caterpillar, snail, and now ANT before I did! Thanks! I'll stop using it.

    (Look, I'm watching you right now. With the miracle of CRT viewing, I can use my avatar like a camera, and see what you are doing. I can't see your OTHER hand, what are you doing with it?)

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