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Thread: First post...just throwing this out there...

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    Default First post...just throwing this out there...

    I posted this thought over on ATT, and received no response whatsoever, so maybe it's been considered and discarded, but what if the fairy on p. 45 is pointing to the color on the 5x5 grid, similar to the fairy in the Ladybug puzzle pointing to the dark green?

    The gray could be segments of the letterbox on p. 78, maybe? I've tried it, but keep getting gibberish...but that's what I got when I tried the segments on the Ladybug puzzle too...probably something wrong with either a) my theory, or b) my measuring of the lengths on the letterbox.


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    I think he's pointing at that square for a different reason entirely.

    About that colored grid, it always bothered me that it's longer than it is wide.
    Try working on the clues while listening to the Myst soundtrack.

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