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Thread: Letter and reply regarding bee token to MS

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    Default Letter and reply regarding bee token to MS

    Our letter to the author

    Dear Mr. Stadther,

    I am not completely sure where to begin so please forgive me. I just wanted you to know the facts first hand and will respect any decisions made on your part.

    My wife (chasiname on tweleve.org) and I (fox) have been working on this hunt from almost day one. We ordered the hunt from your website as soon as orders were being taken and have been working on it ever since. We were 2 of many who recently solved the puzzles regarding the Bee token which are found on pages 37 & 88 (along with "Near the overlook" on page 31). This in turn led us to the Santa Rosa Lake State Park outstide of Santa Rosa, NM. After searching possible sites for several hours, we were quite suprised to run into a fellow hunter from tweleve.org, smack, from Dallas Texas. We met up at the Overlook Scenic Trail and compared notes regarding our finds. Also present at the site was a Mrs. CB. Now the story gets odd. The previous evening, a fellow hunter from Kansas City was in the state park in search of the token. He accidently locked his keys in the car during a torential thunder storm and contacted the NM State Police. During small talk, the officer learned of the treasure hunt. Being from Santa Rosa, the officer in turn told his wife and children that there was some kind of treasure hunt in the park and suggested that she and the children check it out in the morning. (back to the present) Smack was being quite tight lipped about the hunt with C since she had basically no knowledge of A Treasure's Trove. The only information she had was a copy of the jewels from your website. The group (my family and I, Smack and his wife, & Mrs. B and her children) then located what we believed to be the tree. Smack had previously located this tree and felt it was "the tree" but there appeared to be no token in the knothole. Mrs. B returned to her car as the rest of the group decided to research other trees, possibly holding the token, around the trail. After finding no other reasonable trees, we concurred that the aforementioned "tree" was the one. Mrs. B returned from her car with a metal detector as we were trying to reach into the hole with our hands as well as a long piece of wire since it appeared the token may have fallen deeper into the tree. Our suspicions were confirmed with the metal detector showing something gold was approximately 6 inches down from the knothole. Apperantly, before returning to the tree, Mrs B contacted her husband, who is a NM State Trooper, and asked him to bring any tools that may help in retrieving the token. At this point in time, Mrs. B was still not aware of the significance of the token and thought that there was simply a coin in the tree. Her husband arrived, looked down the hole with a small mirror, decided the hole was empty and was called away by dispatch. He left his tools with us and we concurred that this must be "the tree" and decided to look again. Mrs. B immediatley climbed into the tree and subsequently retrieved the Bee Token. We had no arguments with Mrs. B retrieving the token from the tree since it was her husbands equipment. Upon pulling the token from the tree, she stated "Look what I have found. My god, I cant believe I found it. I never find anything. Girls, we are rich." My 5 year old son turned to me and said "Daddy, isn't she going to share?" Smack and I stood there dumbfounded as she basically claimed the find as her own. At this point, we just do not know what to do.

    This was not an actual collaboration....she basically just followed us around. After my wife attempted to explain how to claim the prize, Mrs. B stated "Oh, I guess I had better go buy the book tomorrow." We have sufficient proof that all of us were present and working on retrieving the token in pictures and videotape. My wife and I (not yet discussed with Smack) feel that this prize should either be split three ways by the families present, or , no one should financially benefit with Bee. It just does not seem fair that a person with no knowledge of the hunt 12 hours prior to the find as well as any idea as to how one would find the actual location through puzzles should be able to claim this as her own. We know that if it were our family or Smack's family who actually pulled the token from the tree that the prize would have been split evenly....even with Mrs. B. We will; however, abide by your decision.

    Just a side note....because we solved the correct puzzles and were a token finder, we felt that we were authorized to call the telephone number on the rear of the Bee Token even though we do not physically have the token in hand. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    and his reply...

    Robert & Michelle,

    according to the rules, the jewels or cash substitution will be awarded to the person who has the token. but, the rules also state that the person may be asked to verify how they solved the clues.

    i do not adjudicate disputes.

    the only advice i have is for you to post your situation on the forums for others to heed.

    i wish you the best.

    not exactly the answer I was hoping for but it is the one I got.
    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    maybe if you read the rule's to the person who has the token they may realise they will have to work out a 50/50 split to get anything.
    it's better then nothing. they only have 30days or less now

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    Quote Originally Posted by meltedface
    maybe if you read the rule's to the person who has the token they may realise they will have to work out a 50/50 split to get anything.
    it's better then nothing. they only have 30days or less now
    The solution has been posted in every forum. That all they need to redeem the token.
    ok.. I can see I won't get anything done until 2007!

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    Default Most likely a legal battle.

    I won't be surprised if this one ends up in legal system somewhere. I don't think it will be hard for someone who has the token now to, search the internet and forums for a solution to the Token. MS will reward the jewel to the token holder. It completely up to others to fight over it. That was the one thing he wanted to avoid. Looks like your going to have to go to court over this one... If you can prove your case, the judge will most likely have you split the value of the item. But that may be a problem if both parties want to keep the jewel..
    "It is a common experience that a problem diffcult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. "
    -- John Steinbeck --

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    Yep, I agree with that. It also sounds like it may take a long time to find out what is going to happen. The rules state "Sponsor may not confirm verification of finders until after End Date". That could be sometime in 2008.

    It's nice to know Stadther is willing to keep you hanging until then.

    It's not a place, it's a yearning. It's not a race, it's a journey.

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    Default unintentional collaborations

    It seems like there was an unintentional collaboration for the bee token, and there was no collaboration agreement. The woman that found it didn't just happen upon that tree by accident. She was working with a team of people who had decoded the puzzle. She had the tools necessary to get the token. I can certainly understand why people would be upset or disappointed that she was the one that eventually found it.

    I don't think that anyone has any legal recourse here. The only thing that could possibly happen would be that the woman would not be allowed to redeem the prize. But the prize would not go to one of the other people there for sure.

    She should of course do the right thing and share her prize since she was part of a collaboration. But if there was no contract between people in the collaboration, she is certainly not legally bound to do anything.


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    I think that if the woman is just not awarded the prize, that should be enough for the people that actually did the work. Sorry about your luck, but if it were me, I would be happy if she simply did not get to cash in.

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    Talking Sorry dude but...

    Yeah, I know you're angry, but you were not the ones who pulled it out of the tree. WE were. We were there all day, burnt to a crisp. You werent even there until shortly before we pulled it out of the tree. I happen to be the daughter of Mrs. CB, and let me tel you dude, you have your story al wrong. For one, my mother never said "we're rich!", and two, I specifically remember you wanting to take a picture of it as a "souvineir". But instead, you took a picture of the front and back, and called the number on the back, because you couldn't have your cake and eat it too. So I say to you Mr. Fox, screw you, and get your stories straight, because this info is coming straight from the horses mouth, or im this case, the Fox's mouth, mine.
    P.S. I know this is old, but hey, better late than never right?

    ~Fox Elady~

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    Trying to care about something that happened over 4 years ago....

    And trying...

    Still trying...

    Nope, can't do it. Perhaps the world has moved on.

    But points for what could possibly be the most epic forum bump since the internet was invented.

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    A prime example of barking up the wrong tree.

    Time has shown us, no honor among pirates.
    Its all part of the game.

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