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Okay, so of all those possibilities, to me using the woodgrains or colors to code 5x5 coords seems the most likely possibility. So what's the sequence? Here's what's been mentioned...

(1) Clockwise or counterclockwise overall around page (start at notch in "G" border or in corner?)

(2) Following inner and/or outer border around page

(3) Using sequence as given by "Reveals the name..." line

(4) Using sequence as given by "Find The Trees Hole"

(5) Using alphabetical sequence (many variations due to duplicate letters)

(6) Multiple passes, taking first the block tops then sides, or sides then tops, or whatever

(7) Using alphabetical sequence based on different alphabet (i.e. alpha sequence as given in first sentence of p.2 (this one's a real stretch!)

Did I leave anything out?
The same one (almost) all of us overlooked, and the easiest path of all...

Read grains like a book, left to right, from top to bottom.