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Thread: haircut

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderman View Post
    lol CK.

    "SHUT UP!"

    I can really REALLY relate to this one! THanks for the laugh of the day!!!

    My husband has also learned to avoid conversations about divorce, teenagers and their 'ridiculous' affinity for Ugg Aussie boots, moms-who-let-their-kids-run-free-in-the-barbershop, the many uses of Rolo candies, people who went to our high school - I mean: EVER, and all the gross things one might find in a truck load of hard, shredded mulch.
    And this ought to be entered in the Bulwer-Lytton Contest. Just remove the first "also" and it would make a fantastic entry!!! What a great opener that is!

    Still laughing!!!
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    I'm glad I could make you smile! Your honeybuns did the trick for me.

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