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Thread: To know or not to know...

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    Default To know or not to know...

    I just saw the movie "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage last night. Interesting Numerology coding but the ending was just too overdone and Hollywood.

    I still think the best numerology oriented film I've seen is "23" with Jim Carry. By the way, I was born on the 23rd day of October 1975. 1 + 0 + 1+ 9 + 7 + 5 = 23. I have 23 letters in my full name. My girlfriend lived on the 23rd floor of her apartment. After we saw the movie my girlfriend went to the washroom. When she came out my watch read 12:11:23. No joke, I actually looked. Next thing I know, I'll be bitten by a dog named NED and will dream that I am some overly tattooed detective! Lol!

    Anyways, go see "Knowing" for the beginning numerology mystery, but fell free to leave before the melodramatic ending. Just my opinion!


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    Thanks. I've been on the fence about it based on the commercials.

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