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Thread: Where the Butterflies are

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    Weren't you wondering about that noise behind you?

    Default Where the Butterflies are

    1) p. 52 Look at the giant O, right at the top of it (inside it) there appears to be an S, across from an backwards S, with a stick like | in between with little antennae coming out the top... need i say more?

    2) p. 52 the acorn that is farthest to the bottom left has a mini butterfly in it next to an I.

    *The butterfly is a tricky little devil, i've seen him 3 times, yet he's missing from page 98 (or maybe its supposed to be butterfly instead of the second beetle) but i seem to be the only ones whos seen this, as the caterpillars on this page as well:

    3) p. 39 top of the page, to the far left, you see an NG (part of PRYING from p. 3 and beneath the G to the right you see a J, but look closely and the J forms the right wing of a butterfly!
    Possibly a coincident, but in this book there are no coincidents
    Or am I just paranoid...

    *Of course*

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    Default Maybe

    You also realize that the ant is missing. I've found the butterfly on pg 52. I also see either butterfly or bee or humming bird on the nomenclature book. At first glance it appears to be a butterfly, but it might not be.

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    There may not be any coincidences, but there is Errata.

    The Errata we have been officially informed of is the 2nd beetle should not be there.

    What I find odd about that is, why didn't MS simply say, the 2nd beetle should not be there, and the butterfly should be in its place. Then logic follows, if the butterfly were there, the ant would not have been missed. I think it's a small Comedy of Errata.

    The text says "all" joined their mates, and the last pic of Yorah has "all" 12 creatures in it.
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