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Thread: Butterfly Map?

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    Default Butterfly Map?

    I believe, as many people have said, that the black marks on P.52 around both white frames mean something.

    Looking at the marks themselves, some are straight and some have odd angles. I took a ruler, lined it up with each angle (there are 2 per black mark), and drew a straight line.

    What comes up some might say is a road map, though I can't say for sure. What makes me believe it is a map, is what we have been told from the begining of the book that the fairies point the way. So when the map is drawn, this green fairie points at a specific spot within all the intersected lines.

    I could be stretching, but who knows. I am about to throw in the towel on this whole thing, so I thought that I would give you what little if any clues I might have found.

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    Has anyone tried treating the white lines as a series of trapezoidal shapes and connecting them together in series?

    I've done that for the four outer shapes, all the inner shapes, and the inner "gaps" (black shapes). I've gotten some interesting patterns, but with the missing inner shapes it's impossible to create a complete picture.

    Here's my best attempt at recreating the shape from connecting the four outer trapezoids:
    / \
    \ /
    / \

    This probably isn't the correct way to go about this puzzle, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway!

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