Not sure where this leads us, but thought I'd throw it out for consideration.

I felt as if I was being nudged in the direction of the clocktower in several different ways. Several phrases in Twintig's "In Your Quiet Home" post seemed to indicate that something was up (so to speak) with the roof and/or the turret. "Cogs" and the "cutaway" (presumably the missing or - on the website - disappearing roof over the clock tower?) seemed to be important. Is this underscored by Gus' sketch on the inside front cover, with the question mark on top of the turret?

I also felt as if the clothes line was important. Did anyone else notice that there are seventeen clothes pins holding up the clothes? Some items have no pins; the red overalls (union suit?) has only one clothes pin. Maybe that's a normal way to hang such an item on a clothes line, but it piqued my interest when I noticed it. We've also had a couple of references to towels in recent Twintig posts, and there are definitely towels on this clothesline. The minute hand on one clock seems to be pointing toward the teal towel. (Is this another "find tea" hint? Or is that a blanket?)

As I noted in a recent comment on the other thread, there may also be some word play with clothesline and online clues. And "online" could refer to either the web clues or the lines of buildings and residents in the front and back of the book. Or both.

Finally, I would point out that there are faces on these clocks and on the Khroniker. The things that are missing are the numbers, not the faces. But I started to wonder whether "finding the face" (or filling in the face) is a goal of this final hunt. I had a hint that seemed to include the words "tulips pun". That made me think of Ternky's window boxes and their relationship to the blank faces of the clocks on the front cover. We have lips and an eye in artwork in Rosa Tse Levy's apartment (and they are different from all other art in her apartment), references to noses in several places in the text, ear tags on floor 10, and eyes of various types all over the illustrations.

If the clocks are the "faces" of the turret, are the cogs the turret's brains? And since Gus has recently explained that he used an allusion in his post, is it possible that Bakula's microwave helmet is also an allusion to the clocktower turret?

If this is a face hunt, could the book's preface also be a face clue? I think of the text before Gus and Dodge meet Ternky (or possibly before they officially begin the investigation upon entering Ternky's apartment) as the preface.

On the other hand, I realize that I've been reading way too much into the first eleven hunts. There may be nothing to all this wordplay stuff.