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Thread: Emerald 12 Found At Last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by guttom2 View Post
    wow thats amazing. i had so many confirmations that it was in a different place. i looked at the one place that no one seemed to be looking, the cover of the book (the roof). This pointed the way to Salt Wash rest stop Utah. mile marker 102.
    1) the shape of utah is found near the clock gears
    2) the Segu lily is pictured on the roof, Utahs state flower
    3) using a magnifying glass on the sunscreen you see 70 (its off I-70), and the number 580, which is the atomic weight of NaCl (salt)
    4) the website has the clue "something has been "washed" here"...Salt Wash; after you wash something you hang it up to dry on the roof
    5) the chairs are the roof are in the pattern 1 chair, no chair, 2 chairs (mile marker 102)
    6) one of the webpage clues talks about a Mrs. Baboon... there is a Mount Baboon in Utah
    7) an arrow is pictured on the cover; there is a radio station in Utah Arrow 103.9
    a charcoal grill is pictured : Utah's state mineral is charcoal
    9) Dodge loves Salttines (Salt Wash)

    glad i never made the trip! gratz to the winner!
    did anyone ever come up with this theory?

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    Gut, thanx for sharing your thoughts. You might have all kinds of correctness n your observations. The authors clearly bundled a number of herring type clues. When it came down to making the final deduction, Enaxor had a hunch, and made a phone call to put out the feelers for Roy Dodge activity and struck "gold". The book contained all the clues to unlocking 12 doughy sets of SHM coords, and then sprinkled it with some easter eggs and red herrings. It came down to paying close attention to what Dodge said about what he'd do with the treasure in literal fashion. It might seem unfair that we were fooled by so much, but it was an honest and clear approach that put Enaxor on track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garbers*5 View Post
    Congrats Enaxor!
    Glad this is over.
    Would like to see how the book solved this and the details of the final solve.
    THE BOOK, yes. I would LOVE to know how someone could have directly solved this using just the book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    Thanks Rox, NICE! I'd stay at that Washington Hotel for sure. Watermellon tank....did you notice the "toilet" next to it? haha.
    I bet the 8/19/11 quote from the blog refers to this: "Also, I believe I can eat this entire watermelon in one sitting"

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    Congrats enaxor! It is nice to know that a fellow twelever is the one to find the final number in this hunt!

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