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Thread: Things or thing( ) missing in Companion book

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    In response to a thread about the oddities of the Voynich section of the companion book, I posted last week about my correspondence with Stadther over a laundry list of errors and oddities in the companion book. You can see that thread here:

    The swapping of the "Elise prepare to ... " and the "Come here ..." dancing men codes was one of the many things on my list. As I explained in the Voynich thread, Stadther acknowledged many of these things as errors, saying that they were the result of his hasty rush to compile the companion book, and that he would attempt to correct all of them in subsequent printings.

    I haven't yet written a Tweleve post about all the strange things in the companion book, but trust me, there are plenty. At least one or two per story. Initially I thought these might be the "holes" we needed to look for (i.e. not knotholes, holes in the stories, codes, and optical illustions). If everyone would like, I can rattle off as many as possible here. It'll be a long post, and I honestly thought that not posting them was doing a favor to everyone -- keeping the conversation on track, focused on the real puzzles in the main book. But if anyone has good reason to think that, despite Stadther's comments to me, the companion book may hold some answers, I'm more than happy share what I've found.

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    If you wouldn't mind posting them, at least we could link back to it whenever the subject comes up. And, with almost 3,000 members now, you know *someone* is going to ask again... and again... and again!

    If you could list the things you specifically asked MS about, along with his reply, it might help!
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