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Thread: Stickman Cipher

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    Default Stickman Cipher

    Does anyone understand how this cipher works. I can't get the solution to work out for the example. I know it is based on the frequency of usage and that is equated to a letter. Once it is determined how mant times each little figure is used, how do you find the associated letter and do you then work through an anagram? I think I have found at least one instance where repeated pictures are used in the book.

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    Count each character in the cipher and work out the % occurance.

    Order them with the highest % first.

    Compare the list to the following table:

    e: 12.7
    t: 9.1
    a: 8.2
    o: 7.5
    i: 7.0
    n: 6.9
    s: 6.3
    h: 6.1
    r: 6.0
    d: 4.2
    l: 4.0
    c: 2.8
    u: 2.8
    m: 2.4
    w: 2.4
    f: 2.2
    g: 2.0
    y: 2.0
    p: 1.9
    b: 1.5
    v: 1.0
    k: 0.8
    j: 0.2
    x: 0.2
    q: 0.1
    z: 0.1

    Remembering that letters with a similar frequency may be interchanged and assuming that the language is English you should be able to locate E, T and maybe some of the higher frequency characters. Replace these characters in the Cipher then start to look for T*E which might give you a substitution for H giving THE. Just keep updating the cipher and trying different possible letters and the text will slowly appear.


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    The wrong answer to this cipher was put in the CB. See the topic 'Things or Thing() missing in the Companion Book' for the correct message.
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