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So you have the message; meaning it isn't hush-hush anymore. One of the direct but harder puzzle. Straight-forward but intuitive to know how to solve.

It is hard to chime in from my perspective but this post got me thinking. It got me thinking about hope. What if somewhere you listed puzzle/pages etc. (maybe gave them specific nicknames if they are not easily identifiable by page number, image or nearby words) and simply said Solved or Conclusion Ascertained or something to give people that have boggled their minds around things "hope" and confidence that things can be solved? You don't have to say what the solve is or how it was solved just that it can be solved. Sure, folks will PM the crap out of you for hints but hey, trust me, that's "fun" too sometimes.

I was talking to a long-time study of this hunt that also happens to be a friend of mine. In many ways, he is one of the smartest guys I know. He definitely uses different areas of the brain than I do. Anyway, it has often floored me that some of the puzzles in the book I know some of you have solved, he has never been successful at completing. (Imagine how much harder on friends and family one has to be with such things. "You want a hint...go where everyone else must go, Tweleve or Twitter"). I think "Wow. How can that be? It is so easy." But then, from my perspective and the way I think, it would be. He uses different tools upstairs and I am fine with that. I had to shift sides of the brain for many of the puzzle inclusions, so one must do so for the solves.

Anyway, I always feel fortunate when I've seen that a few of you still cowboy up from time to time and get back on this treasure hunt saddle, even if you're sore.

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Not ready to post solved or unsolved pages/puzzles, but I think Domino has given some hints in his post here!