How do you make a impossible jump? I have set up the puzzle and problem the best way I know how and need any ideas you have etc.

Ladies and Soliders....


The Enchant puzzle comes down to a master riddle: but...

If from the height of space you dare to fall your sure to solve the meaning of it all.

Are last jump ended up just like Caesar’s palace.

The good folks on the EA forum (home place of the Enchant puzzle) had a good laugh! It is nothing like being home here at 12. The puzzle uses "REST" as part of the solve, but if misused it is well -dangerous. Trust me it hurt hittting that pavement, and actually the puzzle has a coffin to put you into when you die! Some people say I just don't know when to quit! Well I can't stand a quieter! Stay tune for the next impossible jump and solve to be made! Thank you for coming! It is truly an honor to risk my mind for you, truly an honor!

Evel Knievel