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Thread: Solve This One!

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    Talking Solve This One!

    ~A code can be found within this coded text of secret and mysterious things . It is the way to discovering alphabetical meanings of the whole idea contained within. I have devised this code on my own ambition with applications that should keep you thinking for days.

    Before time, there was something that God must have sat thinking. Mankind became his thoughts. Would man live kindly?

    The rainbow consists of vibrant colors which can be used to enlighten the use of the freely open mind.

    The dogs cry and moan when the weather is chilled.They should be brought indoors. this practice is a good practice to keep.

    Everyone should open up and not be secretly* involved in keeping a thing hidden.

    There are fond hunters that have been close to finding love within the secret of this thought: 'I need you'.

    God has golden wings. There must be collector coins in his wallet.

    Have you felt and heard the vibrations of the moon?

    WLOG: The treasure that I have solved and soon will retrieve.

    There is a treasure in Washington State that has yet to be found, but you wont find it in jest.

    Sometimes the very solution to a secret code is kept readily available to find.

    Of course it will be easy to lose money through a hole in the pocket.

    Often people never find the money that vanished into the realm of 'Gone Forever'.

    Sometimes we are to be singled out to recieve gifts and money from strangers that we have never been aquainted with.

    You might notice that most shared items are easily divided.

    Other types of secrets in code might be like this code being tested by you. You may know the other solutions as well.

    Sometomes a quote is fashion* enough to get your point across.

    There is a reason that I have written these stupid paragraphs and lines, so bear with me.

    Someone once told me ,to be certainly right, you must be keen.

    There are some that won't figure this coded secret out.

    Under the rainbow you share the gold that you find.

    The victory is the reason that it, the prize, can't be taken by a loser.

    I wonder if it is in, or if it is out.... the tag on my underwear? Something is causing my tailbone to itch.

    Any old bloke can hide a treasure and mark the spot with an 'X'

    You have other ways of getting rest without closing those eyes.

    To find the way*, Sion and Zion must be realized as being one in the same. ~
    Give me a shovel and I have a crutch!

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    Wink Good luck to all!

    Everything you need to solve this, is in the post above this one!
    Give me a shovel and I have a crutch!

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    I'm game 9when I have some free time).

    26 sentences, 26 letters in the alphabet. Looks like a shift before we doing anything else. Some right and left brain use needed it appears.
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