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Thread: planning treasure hunt for my city

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    Talking planning treasure hunt for my city

    the other day i was tossing around the idea of creating a treasure hunt for my city. nothing big maybe 500$ . Once we started planning there were all kinds of questions that we had to deal with. perhaps the more experienced hunters in this forum can help me out.

    Im new to treasure hunts but I always wanted to do one. Right now I am tackling The Secret so I can see the image to verse puzzle but what else is out there? Story puzzles? Riddles?

    To bury a treasure what does one use? How far do you bury? I imagine if you bury deep you might create alot of pressure on the box or container.

    Any ideas for publishing? I plan on releasing on the web, perhaps craigslist, perhaps an ad in the paper. I want go get alot of exposure for in in town.

    What kind off treasure? I imagine gold is better than cash. (one devalues and one gains value haha)
    I want to project more value than it really is.

    I live in a city with alot of history and culture so coming up with places and lue shouldnt be hard but fun. Any feedback would be welcomed.

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    Rookhunter: Have you viewed the youtube video from Domino?
    Cowboy Treasure Hunt

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