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Thread: Fairies + 5 x 5 = Success...

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    sorry about placement....just trying to keep the above like posts together before being moved.

    another possibility {probably a big stretch} for YNP lake equalling the black ooze in grotto pg 80 is this. This pic obviously shows Rusful returning to the grotto after the faeries mischief and theft. The actual chapter is CHPT 14; however, pg 80 is in CHPT 17 (why? i dont know).

    OK, now, when Rusful sees the mess he says:

    My work destroyed! My jewels stolen. (or)

    m(Y) (W)(O)rk d(EST)r(O)y(E)d ! my jewe(L)s sto(L)e(N) which gives us YWOESTOELLN or ......

    Yellowstone.........+........mrkdyedmyjewessto which anagrams out to lots of stuff....mostly mumbo jumbo.

    just a thought.........
    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    Default Pointing Faeries

    I too had worked on the pointing faries, but decided they may not be pointing at grid squares, but actually at interfaces between squares. This could yield more letters to work with, state abbreviations, etc...

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    Default faeries

    Hi, Im new to, but has anyone noticed that there are 12 faeries...
    1. Flower Faeries
    2. Kootenstoopits
    3. urchins
    4. spiggans
    5. dobies
    6. pickensrooters
    7. boggles
    8. spriggans
    9. darklings
    10. skrileers
    11. yarthkins
    12. wraiths
    possibly 13. being pook?
    This would also go with the "not being afraid of the dark", meaning counting the dark faeries, the darklings, using them somehow.
    Just thought i would through this out there. Not sure if someone also has already said it, sorry if it has.

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