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Thread: Forgetting fairies' feet? Forsooth!

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    Default Forgetting fairies' feet? Forsooth!

    What about the fairies' feet? There are a billion posts about fingers, pointing, dropcaps, etc. , yet I wonder there is something missing (literally- right before our eyes).

    pg 20-- 1 foot on which way fairy
    36-- many feet missing
    38-39--4 feet missing out of 5 fairies (not bad)
    44-- only 4 feet on 9 fairies (wow)
    45--no feet on dropcap fairy
    55-no feet again
    59--1 and 1/5 of a foot
    66-- 1 foot
    69-- 1 foot
    78- at least 1 foot missing
    101-- no feet

    Is this just coincidence, good illustration, or a piece of the puzzle?
    Pgs 38,39 are my focus now, and the scarcity of feet struck me.

    Any thoughts?
    Or maybe I'm just trippin'.

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    i noticed that, too. the other thing that strikes me is that some have shoes and some don't. on page 36, i see 4 wearing shoes, and 2 with no shoes. i don't know what, if anything, this means, though.

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