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Thread: Masquerade compared to TGAT

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    Default Masquerade compared to TGAT

    Masquerade comparison to TGAT
    Postby jayheedan1 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:45 pm

    Just wanted to officially point out similarities of these two hunts. Seems like Kaskgn pulled a lot of inspiration from the original.

    Both hunts are themed around a central object: Golden Hare / Golden Apple. In Masq. the hare is hidden or eluded to in every painting. Is it in TGAT? I see it in most but not all, but one does say ""A" is for apple" ( I think that may show up in the solve)

    Both have words around the border. Masquerade it was the poem that had hidden words using different color and another using a different font. In the TGAT we got the "PINE TREES" message. There could be more but I have never seen a color copy of the book if it was even in color. (Anyone want to sell me there book? or post a copy?)

    Masquerade used number references in uncommon ways. First example: “One of six to eight” is one of the biggest clues in the book, indicating Catherine of Aragon, the first of six wives of King Henry VIII, near whose monument the jewel was hidden. Second example: The meaning of “Two of one to eight” is, of course, water–two atoms of hydrogen, the first element on the Periodic Table (two of one) to the Table’s eighth element, oxygen. In TGAT we have "Three are 2's and Two are 3's" the way its spelled suggests to me we are dealing with a total of five objects (adding the two and three, spelled out to get five) the value of the "threes" are a numerical 2 and the value of the "twos" are a numerical 3.

    Masq. had a moon/sun theme, TGAT has a time/constellation theme

    Masq. final solution came from solving the magic squares that was a 16 block grid arranged in a 4x4 pattern that the decoder had to construct in a specific way. TGAT references 16 once stating the distance of the Sioux encampment. It also references 2 and 3 a lot. Also talks about 1st tree in the 3rd row then the first tree in the second row and again the 1st tree in the 3rd row. The poem also says "In order to retrieve, You must first construct" could be that same type of thing. Also Treasure trove used this method.

    (It would make sense to me that Kaskgn would misspell some of the states to make a final solution correct.)
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    Very nice thoughts, I wouldnt be surprised if tgat is solved with a grid of some sort

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