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Thread: 2 are 3s, 3 are 2s

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    Default 2 are 3s, 3 are 2s

    Hello. Was not able to post on Q4T. There was a question regarding whether these numbers could refer to the orders of magnitude of Casseiopia.

    The answer is Yes. You will need to find an older astronomy book (pre-1982). The information currrntly online is accurate, however, has changed since this puzzle was created. No question that the 'presage' lines refer to Casseiopia and the orders of magnitude. I also believe that the reference to "graviety" (gravity) is a synonym for 'magnitude' and that the two dimmest stars are supposed to be disregarded. Also, these stanzas follow each other when you 'place in order.' Taking it one stanza
    further, if you locate the 'omphalos', you are left with Alpha star.

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    Totally agree.

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