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    First off, a big THANK YOU to Duncan for being up at 4 am to chat with us. The guy went way beyond to talk to everyone and ended up chatting for well over 2 hours. As well, thanks so much to all who participated. It was a great time! What follows is a transcript of the interview proper, but there were many off-the-record candid moments (my favorite being the the naked squirel ritual confirmation) - thanks again to Duncan for making it possible!

    Without further delay I give you:

    The Tweleve.Org Maranatha Interview Part 1

    <cthree> Welcome to the Interview and thanks for coming
    <cthree> let me voice Duncan and we ill roll
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Sacred_Prize
    <cthree> hello Duncan thanks for being here
    <Sacred_Prize> Its a real pleasure. Again, thank you
    <cthree> The pleasure is all ours, let me start of by asking some general questions
    <Sacred_Prize> Feel free
    <cthree> What inspired you to make Maranatha?
    <cthree> pauses = good reply
    <Sacred_Prize> Long Story, basically. After the research team discover the Key, we attempted to release the conclusive book. Due to the acedmic nature of the work, publishers didn't like it. So we designed a puzzle book.
    <cthree> What academics would you say are most involved in the understanding of The Key?
    <Sacred_Prize> Historians
    <cthree> in general tems, math, science
    <cthree> history of course,
    <cthree> how many people on the Maranatha Team?
    <Sacred_Prize> The research group was nine
    <cthree> and in the creation of the puzzle?
    <cthree> gone to blue to designate MC
    <Sacred_Prize> That was really a tream of four
    <cthree> ok thanks
    <cthree> How long did it take for you to put the entire puzzle together?
    <Sacred_Prize> Even a TEAM of four
    <cthree> (the team)
    <cthree> hehe
    <cthree> spelling...eh.
    <Sacred_Prize> About eight years
    <cthree> wow.
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    <cthree> So the key was uncovered by the original team long ago?
    <cthree> how long?
    <Sacred_Prize> Back in 1995
    <cthree> i see.
    <cthree> Were you personally on the team that discovered the key?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes I was
    <cthree> ok thank you.
    <cthree> Some questions about the book itself:
    <Sacred_Prize> Indeed
    <cthree> Have you found any textual errors after the printing?
    <Sacred_Prize> No
    <cthree> Have you been made aware of what some people are considering "might be errors"?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes
    <cthree> or say: have you double checked?
    <cthree> ok then.
    <cthree> Without giving anything away, has anyone came close to correctly identifing the 'key'?
    <cthree> to your knowledge
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes and No. Some are guessing close, but lack the factual evidence
    <cthree> i see, and factual evidence would be required why? To fully understand The Key, or to understand how to find it within the puzzle,
    <Sacred_Prize> Both and more. In addition, safeguards were designed so that the winner must have gone through at tleast part of the journey and not just guessed the answer. That would be unfair to those working correctly.
    <cthree> i see, thank you!
    <cthree> You say the 'key' is re-forged by each generation. Does this mean that there is more than one 'key'?
    <cthree> or can you elaborate
    <Sacred_Prize> No. There is only one key, but it has been re-forged in various ways. That is as much as I can say.
    <cthree> and i thank you for that!
    <cthree> ok,
    <Sacred_Prize> Sorry
    <cthree> we understand i promise you.
    <Nitefyre> it answered the question, good enough!
    <cthree> it is your right to default. it IS a puzzle
    <cthree> yes def
    <cthree> moving on,
    <cthree> can you answer or elaborate: Is the 'key' an actual physical item or is it knowledge?
    <Sacred_Prize> It is both and more. I am not trying to be cryptic. When I try to descibe it to myself it is difficult. When it was first shown to me it changed my life.
    <cthree> Thank you! Brilliant answer.
    <cthree> follow up:
    <Sacred_Prize> May I say something
    <cthree> please.
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you sorry. A good description of it has always been the Philosopher's stone. The Stone is something solid, but philosophy is the mental study of life. The two are never together, but what if they could be? That is the Key
    <cthree> Can you elaborate
    <cthree> That is very interesting.
    <Sacred_Prize> Only by going slightly deeper.
    <cthree> Please do.
    <cthree> Take your time this is why we are here.
    <Sacred_Prize> Ok. Philosophy, as we know, normally focuses on the every questions of life. The every nature of the science is because there are no answers just theories. The ideal would be to find solid evidence of the reasons of life, that principle is called ths Philosopher's Stone. The Key is like that, something that is solid but has its depth and reasoning in the facts of its existance
    <cthree> Thank you so much for defining it that way.
    <cthree> I personally appreciate it.
    <cthree> I asked you before,
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you, it is weired to try and text answers
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    <cthree> about the key and whether it was physical or mental-and that lead to this discussion
    <cthree> as a follow up let me ask,
    <cthree> Is the 'key' LEAD to an actual physical item or is it knowledge?
    <cthree> *Does
    <Sacred_Prize> Both
    <cthree> (i understand text is hard to convey, these people are seasoned 0
    <cthree> ok thank you.
    <Sacred_Prize> And both are amazing
    <cthree> The question most ask,
    <cthree> when presented with this puzzle as an idea,
    <cthree> is "where did the prize $ come from?" well we know you plan to raise it--Can you describe any fund raising tactics or tell us about your progress towards the prize $ goal being reached?
    <Sacred_Prize> I would like to clarify, that the item and the knowledge, is fact not theory
    <cthree> Ok so in reference to the last question,
    <cthree> The key leads to both, and they are based in fact.
    <cthree> correct you'd say?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes the key is fact, both as an item and its knowledge.
    <cthree> Thank you,
    <cthree> what say you on the prize $ question, any comment?
    <Sacred_Prize> Now for the prize fund. It is really simple, in fact it was one items i was going to put a posting on when I saw people discussing it, but someone beat me to it.
    <cthree> sure feel free to clarify here and thank you
    <Sacred_Prize> The prize fund is backed by the company, and is raised by the sales of the books. With four books in the series, the financial flow covers the prize funds. Even if the first books sales make a loss, this would be covered by the sales of the remaining publications. It is standard commercial practice. The reason it has not been done on this scale before is that the desire for additional profit is not our intent. Hence that if any e
    <cthree> please finish sorry....
    <Sacred_Prize> That's it
    <cthree> ah i thought you got cut off
    <cthree> Hence that if any e
    <Sacred_Prize> Sorry
    <cthree> np!
    <cthree> take your time, sorry about that
    <Sacred_Prize> Sorry What is the question?
    <cthree> hahaha i love communication breakdowns no problem lets move on and thank you.
    <cthree> Simple quick ones!
    <cthree> get ready!
    <cthree> whats your favorite color?
    <Sacred_Prize> Ok
    <Sacred_Prize> Black
    <cthree> Animal?
    <Sacred_Prize> Snake
    <cthree> Food?
    <Sacred_Prize> Anything Italian
    <cthree> and Drink?
    <Nitefyre> good man!
    <cthree> hehe
    <Sacred_Prize> Glen Morganie
    <cthree> yay
    <cthree> ok man thanks \so much!
    <cthree> how about i introduce you to some fans?
    <Sacred_Prize> Its been a pleasure
    <cthree> all mine,
    <cthree> lets get someone up here. we are gonna go by nites list,
    <cthree> so pws if hes ready is up
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello All of Cthrees fans
    <cthree> yay
    * Mark13163 has joined #maranatha
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v pws111
    <cthree> hi pws can ya speak
    <cthree> and are ya there
    <cthree> hehe
    <pws111> Looks like a lot of my questions were covered, but I'll give it a shot.
    <cthree> ok man have at it.
    <pws111> Has anyone identified the correct method to submit a solution yet?
    <Sacred_Prize> No
    <pws111> Short and simple.
    <cthree> ;D
    <pws111> OK, here is a longer one.
    <cthree> LOL
    <cthree> hahahaha
    <cthree> long and complicated?
    <Sacred_Prize> Sorry Couldn't resist
    <pws111> I saw an old news article that said another chamber was found near the ROyston cave and that they were going to borescope it.
    <pws111> I could not find any articles after that. Do you know if anything was found.
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes, and another one at Roslynn Chapek
    <Sacred_Prize> To my knowledge, no probe has been allowed yet
    <pws111> Wow, too bad.
    <cthree> yeah that is
    <Sacred_Prize> Indeed, for both
    <cthree> hey real quick
    <cthree> duncan,
    <cthree> see the colored blocks in chat lower right?
    <cthree> clcik the red one for us will you?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes
    <Sacred_Prize> Done
    <cthree> thanks.
    <cthree> ok any others pw?
    <pws111> Are the punctuation 'mistakes' in the online clues significant, and if so, in what way?
    <Sacred_Prize> Can't comment Sorry
    * lindenmi has joined #maranatha
    <pws111> Thanks. I thought as much.
    <pws111> It was great to have this opportunity Duncan. Thank you.
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you
    <cthree> thanks pws
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v pws111
    <cthree> ok next up,
    <Nitefyre> Thanks pws, good questions
    <cthree> is SLF
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v SLForbess
    <cthree> hi SLF
    <SLForbess> Hi.
    <cthree> please go ahead
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello
    <SLForbess> I got my voice back! Hello, Mr. Burden, thanks for your time....
    * shamrock has joined #maranatha
    <Sacred_Prize> My pleasure
    <SLForbess> Did you produce any editions of this puzzle for non-English-speaking people?
    <Sacred_Prize> No. The time scale for global release, didn't make it possible.
    <SLForbess> With regard to claiming the prize, the rules state that if the submission is "deemed to be correct." This sounds a bit subjective. Is the answer subjective?
    <Sacred_Prize> Not really, but we didn't want to judge on simple spelling errors
    <SLForbess> And the one I've been waiting to ask all this time....:
    <SLForbess> Am I going to have to learn to do geometry to solve this puzzle?
    <cthree> hehe
    <Sacred_Prize> Not really but it may help.
    <SLForbess> You just made my year.
    <Nitefyre> lol
    * Mark13163 has left #maranatha
    <Sacred_Prize> Still get your ruler out
    <cthree> hehe
    <cthree> nice!
    <SLForbess> Oh no.... *snarl* Thanks.
    <cthree> all done sue?
    <SLForbess> Yes, I suppose so. Thanks, guys.
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you
    <cthree> thx
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v SLForbess
    <cthree> ok im gonna take a sec to announce next couple up
    <cthree> apprentice, veelon, then astreeturover is next set
    <cthree> so now app
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v APPRENTICE
    <cthree> hi there
    <APPRENTICE> Hello Duncan, please give me a minute
    <Sacred_Prize> No problem.
    <cthree> tick...tick...tick
    <cthree> hes formatting his theorum
    <cthree> be afraid
    <Sacred_Prize> Is that legal?
    <APPRENTICE> It seems, from what has been wrote, that a "artifact" in a London museum was used to dicover part of the secret. Was the key used on this?
    <cthree> lol
    <Sacred_Prize> No that was a slight mis-understanding on the Australian Interviewers behalf. The arifact wasn't in London, I was working in London at the time of the discovery.
    <Sacred_Prize> But the key was indeed used on an artifact
    <cthree> yes be kronkite this is glorious
    <APPRENTICE> My own research in Rennes has given me the impression that it is a grab bag of sorts, with many secrets etc. Does your teams discovery agree or disagree with this? Is the secret just one item from the bag? The most important one?
    <cthree> good question APP
    <Sacred_Prize> It is THE one, but we could agree that when researching such aspects as Rennes, you will encounter an array of issues, some related some not.
    <APPRENTICE> What type of thought or consideration was given by your team to the possibility that someone could have already independently discovered the key or the lock? Was this discussed and if so what was discussed?
    <Sacred_Prize> To give you an idea of why it has been believed that this is THE one, upon its discovery two of the team recanted their faiths with the discovery.
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes it was discussed, even if someone knew, we put safe guards in the puzzle that would still require them to engage in the puzzle to claim the reward
    <APPRENTICE> Thank you very much Duncan, I have to go to work but will stay logged on to read all in the morning.
    <Sacred_Prize> Take care
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    <cthree> Thank you app, great questions
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v APPRENTICE
    <cthree> next up is vee
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Veelon
    <cthree> hi buddy
    <Veelon> All righty then! Thanks Duncan... as for your "Stone" comment
    * en_gm_t_c has joined #maranatha
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes
    <Veelon> I'll be pondering that for a while!!!!
    <Veelon> Great answer...
    <Veelon> As for my questions... here goes
    <Veelon> Duncan, what an amazing puzzle. It really has me working... and questioning my sanity at times. Question: Maranatha team of 9 researchers. 9 original Templar Knights.
    <Veelon> Was this intentional or just a striking coincidence?
    <Sacred_Prize> Just coincidence, honestly. But I admit, I kind of like it.
    <cthree> hehe
    <Veelon> cool...
    <Veelon> next
    <Veelon> Other than the whole book tour, how has finding the "sacred prize" changed your life?
    <Sacred_Prize> Completely. Most from the research and discovery period. Then whilest working on the project it has been as rewarding and as challengeing as parenthood
    <Veelon> wow... I have 4 kids... as challenging as that?
    <Sacred_Prize> Time is an issue, and having to accept that people think you are crazy
    <cthree> that last statment is a good one.
    <Sacred_Prize> Indeed. (Empathy to you)
    <cthree> can you elaborate on the "time" statement? if i may interject?
    <Veelon> Thanks... haha
    <cthree> ;D
    <Sacred_Prize> Not meaning to be rude, that is not the case, but when dealing on a global scale every hour of the day on office across the world opens and calls us, and normally it gets passed to me.
    <Veelon> ouch
    <cthree> ah of course,
    <Veelon> I have 2 more... is that ok?
    * Disconnected
    Session Close: Mon May 15 23:06:11 2006

    Session Start: Mon May 15 23:06:18 2006
    Session Ident: #maranatha
    * Now talking in #maranatha
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Veelon
    <cthree> hi
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello Veelon
    <Veelon> aaaaahhh booted
    <cthree> hehe
    <Veelon> scary
    <cthree> ok cont,
    <Veelon> How were you picked to be the front man of this enterprise... draw the short straw?
    <Sacred_Prize> I have a background in media, so seemed the better fellow to speak to the press, plus my career couldn't be damaged.
    <Veelon> career?
    * jamie has joined #maranatha
    <Sacred_Prize> My background was entertainment and events. The rest are more academic or priests.
    <Veelon> aaahhhh..... OK and lastly
    <Veelon> How do you respond to those who might link Priory Publications with the Priory of Sion "hoax"?
    <cthree> we need a kronkite bar
    <Sacred_Prize> I totally understand the opinion, so feel no ill-will. That is why we would love this puzzle to be solved as soon as possible, so we can prove ourselves
    <cthree> ok!
    <Veelon> Great answer! Thank you sir, both for your time and candor!
    <cthree> thanks vee, good ?'s
    <Veelon> Good enough... Thanks
    <Sacred_Prize> Pleasure
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v Veelon
    <cthree> ok next up is...
    <cthree> tree!
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v astreeturover
    <cthree> hi!
    <astreeturover> Hello, Duncan. Thanks to you and the team for all your work over the years to bring this to us. From the tone of this chat, and your website, this information seems huge, quite significant in the big picture. Question: To the level you feel comfortable, how do you envision this information affecting mankind?
    <astreeturover> Okay, here's a short one while we wait ... 1 (couldn't resist
    <Sacred_Prize> Difficult. Due to it being a puzzle, we hope the readers will become the main 'explainers' of the discovery,and as such aid the global understanding. That sounds so heavy, but in a small way it should be simple and productive. As for instant impact, it will be the usual ranting and raving.
    <cthree> lol
    <cthree> nice.
    <astreeturover> Thanks for taking a go at that one. It was loaded, I guess.
    <astreeturover> You said that the key is fact, not theory. Would most people interpret it that way if they knew what you, or other team members, knew?
    <Sacred_Prize> The most yes, some would need a little further understanding of the issues
    <Sacred_Prize> Either way, we can prove the discovery is fact
    <astreeturover> Okay, we are most eager to arrive at that point, to be sure. You talk about the journey as being as important as the actual discovery. This is quite interesting. Any more comments?
    <Sacred_Prize> Mostly because, the focal interest in the book is the million pound reward, the Key comes second. But the puzzle is designed to continue even after both aspects have been found. There is so much hidden in this book that it would keep people going for a lifetime
    <Sacred_Prize> Please remember eight years of designing
    <astreeturover> Much to think about. The effort put into the puzzle gives us much to appreciate, and work with. Two more to go. Is it possible for thought to become as solid as rock?
    <Sacred_Prize> Two plus two = four, that is a thought that is as solid as rock.
    <astreeturover> Need to think about that one, after I ask my wife to check the math. I should hope that the monetary reward becomes least significant. Last one, how many people now living know the secret, to a guess?
    <Sacred_Prize> I personally know only of thirteen.
    <cthree> thats really very good stuff.
    <astreeturover> Duncan, thanks much to all of you. Best wishes. Done.
    <cthree> ty tree
    <Sacred_Prize> And you. All the best.
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v astreeturover
    <cthree> ok!
    <Sacred_Prize> The morning birds are singing
    <cthree> so i realize we have gone a bit over time, thank you duncan for being here so late i have a few more if the morning birds arent killing you
    <Sacred_Prize> Keep Going No Problem, just haven't heard them in a while
    <Nitefyre> whoopeee!
    <cthree> thank you i dont want to leave anyone out--lets keep it at one question per ok gamg? thanks duncan
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v rdix
    <Sacred_Prize> If people have more than one thats ok
    <cthree> rdix is next hi theRE!
    <cthree> ok ty duncan
    <rdix> ok thanks
    <rdix> i'll try to keep it quick Duncan
    <rdix> First, I remember hearing that the Key was encoded in a Masonic ritual. Does exposing the Key mean revealing something that a Mason shouldn't normally reveal?
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you my Friend
    <Sacred_Prize> No, modern Freemasonry only calls its grips and passwords its secrets. Plus we have been careful what masonic links have been used, so that non masons would not see them.
    <rdix> Ok thanks...next, If we figure out how to decode the online clues to reveal a secret message or messages, can we use that same method to reveal secret messages the book text too?
    <rdix> That is, has the same encoding method been used in the book and also in one or more of the online clues?
    <rdix> if you can say
    <Sacred_Prize> All I can say is that there isn't a constant method
    <rdix> OK. Were the online clues developed ahead of time or are they created as needed?
    <Sacred_Prize> As needed
    <rdix> thanks. One last one, and then I'll pass the torch.
    <rdix> Should we look to the stars? That is, are any of the allegorical terms in the text intended to point to constellations or stars?
    <Sacred_Prize> Sorry Can't Comment
    <rdix> No problem. Thanks again, and thanks for occupying us with the great puzzle.
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you
    <cthree> ty rdix! good ?'s bud
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v rdix
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v netsirk
    <cthree> hi netty
    <netsirk> yay...my turn
    <netsirk> Hi Duncan...first I would like to say thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to pick your brain.
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello
    <netsirk> I am also glad to hear your son is in better health.
    <netsirk> i have only 2 questions!
    <Sacred_Prize> Not much there, but you are welcome
    <netsirk> what would be MORE important for solving this puzzle, text or pictures within the book?
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you for your kind words
    <Sacred_Prize> Both, text slightly more
    <cthree> nice thats a good one netty
    <netsirk> good to know.....last question
    <netsirk> which denominations, religions, or sects were recanted after discovery by your team?
    <Sacred_Prize> Catholic and Bahai
    <cthree> bahai?
    * fr332fall has left #maranatha
    <Sacred_Prize> A Pursian Faith
    <cthree> oops fr33 was next ;[
    <netsirk> can u give us a little background to that faith?
    <netsirk> a brief summary if u can
    <netsirk> i am unfamiliar with it
    <Sacred_Prize> Its a faith that beliefs that all the major religions were from the same source and their diverstity was the result of man and not god
    * fr332fall has joined #maranatha
    <cthree> wow very interesting
    <cthree> ty net!
    <netsirk> ahhh...thx...one more..sorry
    <netsirk> just came to me
    <netsirk> Would other Christians recant their current beliefs as well if they knew the key and the truth?
    <cthree> np
    <Sacred_Prize> Very Possible, not because the faith is wrong, but why they believe
    <netsirk> (in other variations of Christianity)
    <cthree> ok!
    <netsirk> Wow...my brain is going a million miles a hour now
    <cthree> lol
    <cthree> ty for ur ?'s net
    <netsirk> thank you very much for letting us cut into your bed time!
    <Sacred_Prize> No problem, thank you
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v netsirk
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v fr332fall
    <cthree> next up fr33
    <cthree> hi there
    <fr332fall> Hi Duncan
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello
    <fr332fall> 4 quick 'Yes / No / No Comment' type questions, ok?
    <Sacred_Prize> Wonderful
    <fr332fall> Is it true that there were problems with the print quality of the book?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes
    <fr332fall> The article recently published on an Australian web site states that anagrams are involved.
    <fr332fall> Does this mean that any anagrams in 'Maranatha - Et in Arcadia Ego' will have few letters
    <fr332fall> which can only be anagrammed in one way e.g. anver = raven or tansur = saturn?
    <Sacred_Prize> No
    <fr332fall> The first clue published on the Maranatha web site stated that every sentence in the decoded text has a specific and genuine purpose. Is it equally true to say that the 'apparent' inaccuracies in the layout of the pig-pen text also have a specific and genuine reason?
    <Sacred_Prize> No comment
    <fr332fall> Once the prize for the first book is claimed, is there anything left in it to be discoveredin the first book i.e. are there other messages encoded within it which need to be found?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes alot more, but hopefully not needed, just rewarding
    <fr332fall> Ok, Thanks Duncan!
    <cthree> ty fr33!
    <Sacred_Prize> No problem Take care
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v fr332fall
    <cthree> 2 more.
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Janice
    <cthree> hi jan-welcome
    <Sacred_Prize> Is that all, my coffee is now working
    <Nitefyre> lol
    <cthree> lol
    <cthree> miss Janice are ya there? i know its late
    <cthree> ok, prolly sleeping hehe
    <Janice> Hi sorry.. nice to meet you Mr Burden
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v Janice
    <Sacred_Prize> Hello, Please call me Duncan
    <cthree> ill come back to ya
    <cthree> oops!
    <cthree> lag sry one sec
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v Janice
    <cthree> there ya go sweetie sry
    <Nitefyre> she's back!
    <Janice> did you read it or shall I repeat?
    <Sacred_Prize> I'm affriad I didn't get it
    <cthree> im sorry
    <cthree> we missed it
    <Janice> The pictures, why are they so wonky?
    <Sacred_Prize> Simply to appear rough, the same reason why the pigpen design was chosen, to appear like an old book page.
    <cthree> lol'
    <Janice> thank you Duncan
    <Sacred_Prize> No problem.
    <cthree> you done jan?
    <Janice> yes thx
    <Sacred_Prize> All the best.
    <cthree> ty!
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v Janice
    <cthree> and lastly but NOT leastly! oceans
    * ChanServ sets mode: +v oceans11
    <cthree> welcome
    <Sacred_Prize> MR Eleven of the Twelve
    <oceans11> TY cthree, Hi Duncan, first, thanks to you and your team for sharing your discovery with all of us in this immersive puzzle. I think I speak for all of us when I say this puzzle is unlike anything I have ever experienced. And thanks for this special opportunity for us to chat with you.
    <Sacred_Prize> Wow, no thank you.
    <oceans11> I'm going to shoot out a couple here...
    <Sacred_Prize> Ok
    <oceans11> It is true
    <oceans11> How would you rate the difficulty of the solution on a scale from 1 to 10? Does the solution of the puzzle involve any layers of (excluding the initial pig pen) "hardcore" encryption? Meaning tough ciphers?
    <Sacred_Prize> I couldn't put a rating on it, as the different ways of solving it hav
    <Sacred_Prize> e different values to different people
    <oceans11> Has anyone to your knowledge discovered the key? Perhaps not the full understanding of it, but has anyone trying to solve the puzzle discovered the key?
    <Sacred_Prize> I wouldn't say there is an hard core encryption
    <Sacred_Prize> Discovered it besides us, yes.
    <oceans11> 2 more: What degree of specificity is required in the solution? If one believes they have found the key, and have decoded the method of forwarding, is there any degree of subjective "judging" of the solution? Or is the solution completely objective and precise?
    <Sacred_Prize> The process is more procise than objective. Although, a judge is needed for two reasons, for a legal requirement for two possible submissions at the same time, and to confirm that the winner is not part of the company or links
    <oceans11> Thank you again, and good luck with your project!
    <cthree> thx oceans
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you. It is you guys that are making it work. Thank you
    <oceans11> Our pleasure
    * ChanServ sets mode: -v oceans11
    <Sacred_Prize> I hope so
    <cthree> OK!
    <cthree> Dincan, man thanks.
    <cthree> *!Duncan
    <cthree> wow
    <Sacred_Prize> I real pleasure. I hope people enjoyed it.
    <cthree> I KNOW they did, in fact to prove it i propose i unlock the room and let them thank you and bid you farewell
    <Sacred_Prize> Well done Cthree, very well organised.
    <cthree> thank you!
    <cthree> dont try to pop any questions on this poor guy! its EARLY am for him
    <Nitefyre> thanks duncan!
    Session Time: Tue May 16 00:00:00 2006
    <cthree> Thank you Duncan Ill be in touch, say hi to all!
    * ChanServ sets mode: -m
    <cthree> good interview all thanks.
    <Sacred_Prize> Pleasure. All the best.
    <oceans11> And thanks to Cthree and Nitfyre
    <Mark13163> byw
    <Veelon> Thanks Duncan.... Hope you can get some sleep!!!
    <Mark13163> bye
    <SLForbess> I thought of all my really good questions AFTER I got muted again! Thanks, Duncan!
    <pws111> Thank you so much Duncan!
    <rdix> Much appreciated!
    <cthree> sure thing it was our pleasure surely!
    <lindenmi> thank you!!
    <astreeturover> Thanks again to Duncan, cthree, and nitefyre
    <en_gm_t_c> great puzzle, Duncan...mind-boggling
    * spiderman has quit IRC (Quit: It'll be ok! They'll be back!)
    <Janice> Big thanks to all
    <pws111> It was a great discussion and we we have to do this again!
    * shamrock has quit IRC (Quit: It'll be ok! They'll be back!)
    <cthree> glad to have you all, glad to have you
    <oceans11> So do you think the end is near? Are we close?
    <rdix> Good questions everyone.
    <Sacred_Prize> Ok Forbess what were they?
    <cthree> lol

    <netsirk> thanks Duncan...i hope your son has a speedy recovery...now go get some sleep!
    <Sacred_Prize> I hope someone is close
    <SLForbess> One was whether we have to go through our own intiation experience to figure this out.
    <jamie> thanks
    * jamie has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC)
    <pws111> Me too.
    <Sacred_Prize> Jacob should be home by the end of the week
    <lindenmi> how will we here when someone cracks it?
    <Sacred_Prize> Forbess NO
    <SLForbess> Whew. Good. I'm scared of the dark.
    <Sacred_Prize> It will be annouced through the media and on the website
    <lindenmi> thank you.
    <Sacred_Prize> Shame night time best time of the day
    <netsirk> got a question from a shy Twelever for you....... if this is such an important discovery, why commercialize it in the form of a puzzle and not just set out to change the world with the information?
    <oceans11> so true...
    <Sacred_Prize> If anyone is near Washington this week, come and find us
    <netsirk> question from an anonymous Twelever ^^^^^^^
    <astreeturover> Duncan, you are speaking of the DC bookfair?
    <twiddle> Thanks for such an awesome puzzle. Good interview thank you
    <lindenmi> i have one too.
    * twiddle has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC)
    <rdix> Yes, I wish I could make it to Washington for that.
    <oceans11> Remember: The bible is commercialized too...
    <Sacred_Prize> Why a puzzle? If we just released it, the possible damage would be terrible. This way a world wide understanding would exist before that moment
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes, I'll be at the book fair
    <lindenmi> what could be that terrible.....
    <pws111> I have one quick question if you don't mind.
    <lindenmi> we shall see
    <Sacred_Prize> Nice thought Ocean
    <oceans11> TY
    <Sacred_Prize> What could be that terrible?Indeed what?
    <cthree> no more fried chicken?
    <oceans11> lol
    <Sacred_Prize> If every two out of nine people across the world, recanted their faith, what would happen globally
    <SLForbess> Do we have to leave our houses to inspect the physical object that is part of the key?
    <en_gm_t_c> when will this be posted? I missed the beginning
    <lindenmi> Does the divinci code have any ties to maranatha?
    <Molnar> No, proton decay. Definitely proton decy.
    <pws111> Did you ever consider letting the secret remain hidden?
    <cthree> directly after this is over give me a quarter hour to get it formatted maybe a bit more
    <Sacred_Prize> No, still can be done from your home
    <en_gm_t_c> thanks
    <SLForbess> Cool. Thanks.
    <Sacred_Prize> No Da vinci Code ties to Maranatha
    <lindenmi> thanks.
    <astreeturover> Recant seemingly opposing faith, maybe peace would happen.
    <oceans11> Has anyone used the key in ways you haven't thought of yet?
    <Sacred_Prize> Yes we did, but someone would find it one day, so we thought we'd try to release it
    <lindenmi> good one astreeturover.
    <pws111> Thanks Duncan, have a great day!
    <Sacred_Prize> Possibly, but history says differently Astree
    <Sacred_Prize> Which is the shame of it all.
    <oceans11> wow...true
    <lindenmi> yes, so true.
    <cbc26> thank you all, especially duncan for such a great book. i might see u in DC
    <cbc26> bye for now :]
    <Sacred_Prize> Thank you so much all. Again sometime. Off to bed.
    * cbc26 has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC)
    <Molnar> Well, humans seem to need a "purpose". Silly humans.
    <cthree> thanks so much duncan!
    <oceans11> Thanks Duncan!
    * Sacred_Prize has quit IRC (Quit: It'll be ok! They'll be back!) :
    *special thanks to veelon for the log!

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    Thanks again to Duncan, cthree, and Nitefyre.

    Everyone, that was great. Hard to absorb much of it real-time. Thanks for the log, Veelon

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    one logistical item. cthree, nitefyre, and i think a few other instances - in the first half or so of the interview, your questions and comments to Duncan did not show up in the Chat Room, only Duncan's answers. Made it a little difficult to follow.

    When pws started, his questions were visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cthree
    <astreeturover> Recant seemingly opposing faith, maybe peace would happen.

    What a great response, Rob.

    Thanks for letting me sit in last night, C. I am always in awe of people who so strongly believe *something* -


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    Hi Spiderman,

    Thanks, but I was just trying to get a further clarification. I wasn't trying to knock any faith, just to say that people's opposing viewpoints (including what is normally called faith), seem to cause a lot of problems.

    If we do another chat, will you ask questions?


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    For last night's interview, I didn't want to take up time from all of you who are deeply into the hunt. I really have just been dabbling in this from time to time, unlike some like you who are naturally inclined to seek this Truth. However, when I was sitting there reading the responses, I had a ton of questions! Some of Net's questions were mine. I knew I wasn't slated to ask questions so when I had one I'd tell Net, and she graciously fed one or two into her section for me. (I really am not shy as she claims!) The more I read the more interested I become, so yes, I'll probably participate more actively next time.

    Question for you - if two of nine people would recant their faith, what faith would that be? And who are the nine? Is that a metaphor, a random number, a clue for us, or just a reference back to the original team where two people (catholic and bahai) recanted? And what exactly do those two have in common that people would come to reject?

    Like I said, curious.

    Oh, and for what it's worth, I had no trouble with the questions or answers appearing at any point of the interview, C.

    Thanks again -


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    What a fantastic interview session that was. Thanks to C3 and Nite for making it happen. And a huge Thank You to Duncan for taking time (especially in the small hours of the morning) to chat with a bunch of knuckleheads on the web.

    I have to admit, his candor and level of willingness to share as much as he possibly could blew me away. I had all sorts of preconceived notions about how he would be (you know how you can get a feel for someone by the way they write in a chat forum) but he was nothing like I imagined. You would figure someone with his insight into a greater knowlegde would be well within his rights to be a little stand-offish or holier than thou. He was nothing like that. He came off as humble and sincere.

    Cryptic and I had a chance to talk with him as he was in the chat room an hour before it started. (Sorry guys, nothing juicy... that Cryp or I will admit to ) He even stayed well after the interview was over to chat.

    In the true manner of the Alchemic Masters, he shared truthfully with the apprentices who were honest in seeking the truth.

    I feel my spirit is renewed with this puzzle and the quest for the Key. I look forward to someone, hopefully from the tweleve community, solving this fantastic puzzle and thereby releasing this hidden truth to all.

    "Free your mind and your @$$ will follow" - George Clinton

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    Hi Carol,

    Great that you sat in, as I remember you were there last Friday as well.

    The two of nine was, to me, at least obstensibly a reference to the research team. Other than that, it's unclear.

    "What faith would that be?". Or, for someone to be open-minded and enough of a Seeker to recant long-held beliefs, what type of person would that be?

    What is faith, what is Truth, and where is Truth? Let's see what the future brings.

    In reference to the Creative Corner, which I came by several weeks ago, you are running a type of poetry workshop? Pretty cool. I think you background is psych?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Veelon
    You would figure someone with his insight into a greater knowlegde would be well within his rights to be a little stand-offish or holier than thou. He was nothing like that. He came off as humble and sincere.

    In the true manner of the Alchemic Masters, he shared truthfully with the apprentices who were honest in seeking the truth.

    Hey V, my sentiments match yours. I reserve final judgement about "someone with insight into a greater knowledge", since we haven't seen the final proof yet.

    But, on an intuitive level, I feel it is there. Other things, like spending much of his life seeking Truth, and eight years devising a puzzle, not to mention the way the puzzle was constructed, and his interaction, also speak to his belief in what he is doing. Plus, he is obviously an educated and clear thinker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Veelon
    Duncan came off as humble and sincere.
    Agreed, Veelon. I especially liked his comment about your 4 kids. The one thing I took away from last night was how difficult it must be for him to believe something so strongly and yet not be able to discuss it openly. He said only thirteen people knew of this Truth? I kept getting 'burden' when I read the interview. To keep this life-altering thing/truth a secret must be incredibly difficult for the secret keeper. How do you not explain the changes in your life after discovering such a truth? How do you pocket this thing that is so liberating and so 'new' - with fact - and then parse it out for the world? He must be tired - interviews like C's last night are as close as he gets to sharing what he knows (at least right now) - perhaps that's why he didn't want to leave?

    Rob, the poetry threads were actually started by Cryptic last summer. I got a late start and then tried to keep them going as I was hooked. Join us someday - we accept Mastercard and Visa. And no, not a psych background. A ton of classes, but no practical experience there. Just intuition and curiosity, the most wicked of combinations.

    Hope you are all well today.


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