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    For anyone that missed here's the transcript for the interview with Duncan. Another two and half hour interview, hopefully everyone found a little information to push them forward in their search for the Key. Thanks everyone, and thank you Duncan for your time.

    Tweleve.org Maranatha Interview #2:

    [17:03] <cthree> Hi Duncan.
    [17:04] <cthree> Thanks alot for being here so late We do appreciate it.
    [17:04] <cthree> lol
    [17:04] <sacred_prize> Its a real real pleasure. i hope people liked the date
    [17:04] <cthree> forgive me i had you muted!
    [17:04] <cthree> np
    [17:04] <cthree> its a perfect date
    [17:05] <cthree> So,
    [17:05] <sacred_prize> Good
    [17:05] <cthree> to start,
    [17:05] <sacred_prize> Yes
    [17:05] <cthree> I'd love to hear a brief lowdow. WHat have you got in the works? How is the company? How is life, mate?
    [17:05] <cthree> *lowdown
    [17:06] <sacred_prize> Life is good, family is well. I'm sitting here drinking lemon and honey, with a box of tissues...
    [17:06] <cthree> sick?
    [17:06] <cthree> Away with your ills,
    [17:06] <sacred_prize> A little sniffle. As mentioned before, good British weather
    [17:07] <cthree> very good.
    [17:07] <cthree> What is in the works with the Maranatha project?
    [17:07] <cthree> Books being written?
    [17:07] <cthree> WHats happening on that front
    [17:07] <sacred_prize> In the works, we have a new shop being lauched within the next few days...
    [17:08] <cthree> online?
    [17:08] <sacred_prize> this is being set up to make the release of the second book easier
    [17:08] <cthree> keep us posted, What is the status of the Companion book?
    [17:08] <sacred_prize> Yes busy working on books and re-writes
    [17:08] <cthree> good good
    [17:09] <sacred_prize> One lot is already on ship to land in America to be in the shops by the end of November
    [17:09] <cthree> thats great to hear! What shops will we be able to find it at? any idea?
    [17:09] <sacred_prize> Another Batch, printed in Oz, are now being delivered
    [17:10] <sacred_prize> Barnes and Noble will be stocking it, as the are doing an Xmas promotion for us.
    [17:10] <cthree> right down the street! perfect.
    [17:10] <cthree> Thats great to hear.
    [17:10] <cthree> So,
    [17:10] <cthree> tell you waht the deal is here:
    [17:10] <sacred_prize> The Books are being distributed Midpoint, so should have a good coverage of America and Canada
    [17:10] <cthree> we collected questions like last time, from the community
    [17:11] <cthree> ty for that comment
    [17:11] <cthree> i was mentioning questions from the community,
    [17:11] <cthree> unlike last time,
    [17:11] <cthree> there are very few general questions.
    [17:11] <sacred_prize> All good. Now problem
    [17:11] <cthree> Most of them are direct questions pertaining to the book itself.
    [17:12] <cthree> So if you dont mind, ill get right into it. Forgive the weak segue
    [17:12] <sacred_prize> No problem
    [17:12] <cthree> ok.
    17:12] <sacred_prize> Forgive my spelling
    [17:12] <cthree> ah youll do the same for me.
    [17:12] <cthree> by far,
    [17:12] <cthree> the biggest question:
    [17:13] <cthree> How many pre-orders for the companion book have you received?
    [17:14] <sacred_prize> We didn't seek pre-orders for the companion book. We have had hundred of enquiries, but the need for pre-orders doesn't exist for us anymore
    [17:14] <cthree> thanks.
    [17:14] <cthree> directly:
    [17:14] <cthree> is the key a geometric construction which can be made on various images?
    [17:16] <sacred_prize> The question is two-fold, but to answer as a single aspect then 'No'. But if you broke the question down the answer is more indepth.
    [17:16] <cthree> Could you help me break it down?
    [17:16] <cthree> Is the key a geometric construction?
    [17:16] <sacred_prize> Yes, 'Is the Key Geometric?' and 'If so, can it be made on various images?'
    [17:17] <cthree> ok, lets do it like that.
    [17:17] <cthree> Is the key a geometric construction?
    [17:17] <sacred_prize> In essence 'yes', but do not limit your efforts on this science alone.
    [17:17] <cthree> thanks alot.
    [17:18] <cthree> next,
    [17:18] <cthree> If it is, can it be made on various images?
    [17:18] <cthree> resulting in some effect?
    [17:18] <cthree> not simply just combining the two, but rather "for a purpose"
    [17:18] <sacred_prize> 'Yes', but, again, be careful on what images you are trying to use.
    [17:19] <cthree> thnak you.
    [17:19] <cthree> *thank
    [17:19] <cthree> Does 'four scenes' refer to the first 4 images?
    [17:19] <sacred_prize> Indeed, 'A purpose', on deeper than just winning money.
    [17:19] <sacred_prize> Yes
    [17:19] <cthree> thank you for that last comment.
    [17:19] <cthree> noted.
    [17:20] <cthree> And the four scenes, you say yes? That is the first 4 images?
    [17:20] <sacred_prize> Yes, note that the last three all contain a serpent creature/s
    17:21] <cthree> anything further?
    [17:21] <sacred_prize> Best not
    [17:21] <cthree> Very good.
    [17:21] <cthree> is a ruler needed for the construction?
    [17:22] <sacred_prize> To measure? 'No'
    [17:22] <cthree> is a set square, compass, pair of compasses (lol) or any other auxillary tool needed for the construction
    [17:22] <sacred_prize> These would help.
    [17:22] <cthree> protractor etc
    [17:22] <cthree> thank you.
    [17:23] <sacred_prize> I wouldn't use a Protractor
    [17:23] <cthree> can you explain how? For instance, you say you dont need a ruler---to measure, i assume then it might be useful to make a straight line?
    [17:23] <sacred_prize> Sorry, can't explain any further.
    [17:23] <cthree> thank you.
    [17:24] <cthree> have they received any indications that puzzlers are making progress
    [17:24] <cthree> beyond the pigpen
    [17:24] <cthree> *have you
    [17:24] <sacred_prize> Oh Yes. It's fantastic
    [17:24] <cthree> Can you elaborate? Is anyone close?
    17:25] <sacred_prize> Some good advances, both from original readers and some from people how have had the book less than a week
    [17:25] <cthree> very interesting
    [17:25] <cthree> some website questions :
    [17:26] <sacred_prize> Ok
    [17:26] <cthree> Forgive me actually--id like to continue on this train i just got a couple of good ?'s here:
    [17:26] <sacred_prize> Ok
    [17:26] <cthree> On the index page, are the misalignments of roman numerals deliberate?
    [17:27] <cthree> beyond design
    [17:27] <sacred_prize> Yes.
    [17:27] <cthree> Is the missing E in SENDETH deliberate?
    [17:28] <sacred_prize> That comes from an old translation of the original description of Flamel's book
    [17:28] <cthree> Ah, thanks--very good.
    [17:28] <cthree> Back to construction, is the construction started by defining the planets center points?
    [17:29] <sacred_prize> Sorry, can't comment
    [17:29] <cthree> Or more genrally, do the planets play a part in construction?
    [17:29] <sacred_prize> So sorry, can't comment .But nothing is in the book, specifically to mislead
    [17:30] <cthree> Thank you.
    [17:30] <cthree> Does the color on which the planets rest (sky/ground) play a part?
    [17:30] <cthree> do some of the miniature faces and marks (eg pointers) hidden in the
    [17:30] <cthree> images play a part
    [17:30] <cthree> opps one at a time
    [17:31] <cthree> what is the difference between the 'key' and the 'holy grail' on the
    [17:31] <cthree> back of the book
    [17:31] <cthree> lol ....
    [17:31] <cthree> k im done rampantly pasting take ur time lol
    [17:31] <cthree> have a sip of tea
    [17:31] <sacred_prize> Unfortunatly, these questions I am unable to answer, as I have received claims that relate to these ideas about the pictures. So as such to comment would express judgement on those claims
    [17:31] <cthree> Of course thank you.
    [17:32] <sacred_prize> Now the Grail and Key
    [17:32] <cthree> About the difference between the key and the holy grail?
    [17:32] <cthree> ok.
    [17:33] <sacred_prize> In history the two words have been interchanged. Both by the ignorant and the custodians. With regard to the comments on the back of the book the words are used to indicate two things
    [17:34] <cthree> those two things being?
    [17:35] <sacred_prize> One is the almost 'Traditional' expectation of the 'Grail', the 'Key' is the assured secret that hides/protects the 'Grail'
    [17:35] <cthree> Thank you for the explanation, mate!
    [17:35] <cthree> Does 'staff of tiresias' refer to page 13?
    [17:35] <cthree> does 'seven years' refer to the seven pages of pigpen in the first
    [17:35] <cthree> section
    [17:35] <sacred_prize> No
    [17:35] <sacred_prize> No
    [17:35] <cthree> thak you.
    [17:36] <cthree> Does 'three worlds' refer to the three sections of pigpen?
    [17:36] <sacred_prize> Its pleasure, nice to be able to give straight answers
    [17:36] <sacred_prize> No
    [17:36] <cthree> does 'intwine' mean that messages are picked from the pigpen in
    [17:36] <cthree> periodic/snake-like diagonals
    [17:37] <sacred_prize> No, its alot simplier than that.
    [17:37] <cthree> Thank you.
    [17:37] <cthree> does the cover 'M axe' image play a part in the construction?
    [17:37] <sacred_prize> Sorry
    [17:37] <cthree> no comment?
    [17:37] <sacred_prize> Sorry, can't comment.
    [17:38] <cthree> NP! Thank you for entertaining the ?'s
    [17:38] <cthree> Is any folding, mirroring, cutting or transparencies used in construction?
    [17:38] <cthree> (no shame here forgive me just spitting em out lol)
    [17:39] <sacred_prize> Sorry, again, due to 'claims' I can't comment
    [17:39] <cthree> thanks.
    [17:39] <cthree> does athanasisus refer to kirchner or the saint or both?
    [17:39] <sacred_prize> No problem
    [17:39] <sacred_prize> All I can say is, not kirchner!
    [17:39] <cthree> lol thanks
    [17:40] <cthree> Duncan,is there more than one way to find the key?
    [17:40] <sacred_prize> Yes
    [17:40] <cthree> many ways?
    [17:40] <cthree> infinite? or could you say a direct #
    [17:40] <sacred_prize> I would say yes, but only one way to win.
    [17:41] <cthree> Has the puzzle been independently tested as solvable?
    [17:41] <sacred_prize> Not infinite, just many
    [17:41] <cthree> ok, noted
    [17:42] <sacred_prize> Yes, but not as a whole due to security reasons. The major parts were divided into smaller papers
    [17:42] <cthree> I see, interesting
    [17:42] <cthree> how many different parts did you test?
    [17:43] <sacred_prize> Its was all tested, but, in a broken up state, it was in 4 to 6 parts
    [17:43] <cthree> thank you-
    [17:43] <cthree> Are you confident that Poussin possessed the key (i.e., is there
    [17:43] <cthree> factual evidence that he actually knew it (or just circumstantial
    [17:43] <cthree> evidence that suggests it)?
    [17:44] <sacred_prize> Factual evidence, so beyond confident. I know how wierd that sounds, it was a shoke to us as well
    [17:44] <cthree> so very confident,
    [17:45] <cthree> you have seen factual evidence?
    [17:45] <cthree> wow.
    [17:45] <cthree> Same question regarding DaVinci?
    [17:46] <sacred_prize> Oh Yes, but the evidence will be controversially reviewed
    [17:46] <cthree> but in poussins case not so?
    [17:46] <cthree> or in both cases
    [17:47] <sacred_prize> No, the evidence is too solid. Even though, when ever history is rewritten, some academics still swear black is white. Such is life
    [17:47] <cthree> such is life-
    [17:47] <cthree> now,
    [17:48] <sacred_prize> YES?
    [17:48] <cthree> "factual evidence" has some fines line boundries there...
    [17:48] <cthree> Can you elaborate on the type of evidense at all?
    [17:48] <cthree> sp*
    [17:48] <cthree> A video of him excersizing his skill?
    [17:48] <sacred_prize> Solid evidence
    [17:48] <cthree>
    [17:48] <cthree> ill take it at that. Thank you!
    [17:48] <sacred_prize> Better than that
    [17:48] <cthree> wow.
    [17:49] <sacred_prize> Oh YES major WOW
    [17:49] <cthree> Is there anyone else besides Poussin you feel as confident about them knowing the key?
    [17:49] <sacred_prize> My personal answer is a quiet 'Yes'. But that is my opinion.
    [17:50] <cthree> Of course.
    [17:50] <cthree> Thank you very much, next question:
    [17:50] <cthree> 56. There are no female characters in the pigpen text or in the drawings.
    [17:50] <cthree> Was this done in order to draw attention to the feminine glyphs/symbols?
    [17:51] <sacred_prize> I believe, in the text, you have wisdom refered to as a 'She'
    [17:51] <cthree> This you do
    [17:51] <cthree> The drawings have me personally very intersted. Can you elaborate on their origin?
    [17:53] <sacred_prize> They were commissioned to express the general descriptions of those refered to by Flamel.
    [17:53] <cthree> They are beautiful
    [17:53] <sacred_prize> There meaning is broad, and expand beyond the ethics of the puzzle.
    [17:53] <sacred_prize> Thank you, they mean alot to me to.
    [17:54] <cthree> So they were commisioned specifically to represent descriptions and note altered in any fashoin for other purposes?
    [17:54] <cthree> *not altered
    [17:56] <sacred_prize> The main focus was for them to represent the descriptions, as that was ethically the most important issue. No alternation/addition was allowed that affected this directive. Sorry I can't comment further.
    [17:56] <cthree> Thanks for that--again, they are very impressive
    [17:56] <cthree> A few more about this whole "constrction" bit
    [17:56] <cthree> One quick one from me-
    [17:56] <sacred_prize> I'll do my best
    [17:57] <cthree> Is "construction" a good name for this thing we seek?
    [17:57] <cthree> Think of a better one for me if you can
    [17:57] <sacred_prize> I guess, but limiting when taking in all that the book holds
    [17:57] <cthree> Ok thanks.
    [17:57] <cthree> to what degree of accuracy does the construction need to be made, ±1
    [17:57] <cthree> degree, ±1 mm ?
    [17:58] <cthree> miles?
    [17:58] <sacred_prize> You need only a general concept of accuracy
    [17:58] <cthree> Is their one "constuction" or more than one?
    [17:59] <cthree> *consrtuction
    [17:59] <cthree> meh
    [17:59] <sacred_prize> Sorry, can't say. Good question
    [17:59] <cthree> Thanks.
    [17:59] <cthree> good answer my friend
    [17:59] <cthree> one more:
    [17:59] <cthree> do the constructions make regular geometric forms?
    [18:00] <sacred_prize> Sorry again. Can't say
    [18:00] <cthree> Thanks for the time, now some web stuff:
    [18:00] <sacred_prize> Ok
    [18:00] <cthree> Do any of the website hints relate to constructions?
    [18:00] <sacred_prize> Some do, yes.
    [18:01] <cthree> How many would you say are there on the site?
    [18:01] <cthree> estimated
    [18:01] <sacred_prize> Estimated, around five
    [18:01] <cthree> Do some of the website clues reveal a single letter, eg hisstory = 'S'?
    [18:02] <sacred_prize> Yes, but don't get lost down that path.
    [18:02] <cthree> Ok thanks ill try lol
    [18:02] <cthree> About the companion-
    [18:02] <cthree> wel are so excited about it!
    [18:02] <sacred_prize> OH yes
    [18:02] <cthree> *We
    [18:02] <cthree> yes!
    [18:02] <cthree> Why did you make the companion? Was it planned before the launch of the original?
    [18:03] <sacred_prize> I long answer for this, so bare with me.
    [18:03] <cthree> Take your time please.
    [18:03] <sacred_prize> The companion book was always planned, but not in its present state.
    [18:04] <cthree> ok,
    [18:04] <sacred_prize> The book was expected to be an answer book, but more importantly a guide into the real ethos of the secrets of the subjects
    [18:05] <cthree> I see, please continue
    [18:06] <sacred_prize> Now, due to a year having past, the guide book has been expanded to act also as an aid to solving the puzzle, but more importantly giving clearer indication of what is encoded within the puzzle book is indeed genuine
    [18:07] <cthree> what do the authors mean when they say the companion book guarantees
    [18:07] <cthree> someone will find the key
    [18:07] <sacred_prize> It is not essential to buy this book, but it is closer to what we, as creators, wanted our work to be.
    [18:07] <cthree> thats a good question to foloow up with,
    [18:07] <cthree> how does it guarantee?
    [18:08] <sacred_prize> I am not aware we have ever used the word 'guarantee', this is were legal requirements come in. Let me continue...
    [18:08] <cthree> sure please do
    [18:12] <sacred_prize> With the testing of the puzzle, and early expressed expectation that the book would be solved well within a year, we, as a company, feel we have to address this situation. As such, we felt we needed to create a step were we can help people along, but offer equal opportunties for all. Whether they have had the book for a year or a week. Changing the companion to this new style, did this. So it would be foolish for us to use such
    [18:13] <cthree> np take your time finishing
    [18:13] <sacred_prize> The puzzle will be solved, and the information will be released, no matter what happens
    [18:14] <cthree> How can you be sure?
    [18:15] <sacred_prize> Because, the whole intent for us to produce the book was to release this information. We have invested so much into this project, because of that very reason, we will ensure that it is successful and solved
    [18:15] <cthree> Very good. Thank you mate!
    [18:15] <cthree> How is the tea?
    [18:15] <sacred_prize> No thank you. It is youguys that are really making it happen
    [18:16] <cthree> How about 2 more and then i give you a few to refill before we open a few user questions
    [18:16] <sacred_prize> On my second cup of lemon, but no birds chorus yet
    [18:16] <cthree> lol
    [18:16] <cthree> ok,
    [18:16] <cthree> 2 more:
    [18:16] <cthree> Basically,
    [18:17] <cthree> whats your advice for the next step for people? Numerical? Historical? Wordplay? WHats the next step
    [18:17] <cthree> Whats your best (non generic lol) direction
    [18:19] <sacred_prize> My personal advice, as it has always been, is historical. As all my conversations, and clues, relate to getting people to look certain stories of history for major clues. If you don't like history, don't dispare, that is only my passion, and not the only option.
    [18:19] <cthree> Any recommended reading?
    [18:20] <sacred_prize> The bible is a good one. (And I don't use the direction as a reference to any belief, ok)
    [18:20] <cthree> ok sure--thanks for that and i have to say youve been just perfect. Let me give you a few minutes to get a cup of tea?
    [18:21] <cthree> then i have some users thats would like to query you
    [18:21] <sacred_prize> No, don't worry about me. If I stop now, I'll dose off. LOL
    [18:21] <cthree> hahah!
    [18:21] <cthree> ok lets move then!
    [18:21] <cthree> first up is SLForbess
    [18:22] <cthree> hi SL
    [18:22] <SLForbess> Oh wow...you caught me off guard!
    [18:22] <cthree> haha
    [18:22] <sacred_prize> Hello SLForbess, Nice to meet you again.
    [18:22] <cthree> im sorry about that!
    [18:22] <SLForbess> 1) Hi, Duncan. Thanks for your time. First question:
    [18:22] <cthree> (oceans is on deck)
    [18:23] <SLForbess> Have any of the original team published any books (within the past 5 years or so) pertaining to subjects in this puzzle?
    [18:23] <sacred_prize> No, although, some papers do exist. I am not at liberty to say where they are held
    [18:24] <SLForbess> 2) Could one figure out how to claim the prize (cash or otherwise) by using the images and a typed copy of the deciphered text if it mimicked the size and distribution of the pigpen letters?
    [18:25] <sacred_prize> Sorry, due to reasons stated before, I can't pass comment
    [18:25] <SLForbess> Ok...if I get only 2 questions, I guess that does it. Thanks.
    [18:25] <cthree> Thank you SL
    [18:25] <sacred_prize> So sorry. Thank you
    [18:25] <cthree> very much good questions
    [18:26] <cthree> Now oceans is up, crommie is on deck
    [18:26] <cthree> there we go
    [18:26] <cthree> hi crommie
    [18:27] <cromie850018> G'day
    [18:27] <sacred_prize> Hello
    [18:28] <cthree> (lol i just realized i went out of order oceans ur next!)
    [18:28] <cromie850018> In the beginning of the book you thank Dennis William Hauck and Andrea Zuckavich for their permission to use the info on their website. Is there a reason why it is slightly different from your book?
    [18:29] <sacred_prize> Sorry, are you refering to the difference to the material on OUR website and the book, regarding Flamel?
    [18:31] <cromie850018> Maybe it would be better put as - How was the info on their website used as a basis for the Nicholas Flamel story in the book?
    [18:34] <sacred_prize> I see. Well, when researching the life of Flamel, the histories and beliefs are wide and varied. So we thought we would find a focal location and use that material rather than get to deep in expressing the diverse theories of Nicolas Flamel's life and works. The flamel college site, appeared to offer the most balanced source for virgin researchers.
    [18:35] <cthree> good questions and answers, one more crom
    [18:35] <cromie850018> Is the timeline incorporated in any direct way to the text or any geometric constructions?
    [18:36] <sacred_prize> Just to warn you chaps. I can't stay too long, as I have full day tomorrow, sorry.
    [18:36] <cthree> Sure no problems.
    [18:36] <sacred_prize> Yes, the timeline does hold some aid direction to solving the puzzle
    [18:37] <cthree> Ok
    [18:37] <cthree> thx cromie
    [18:37] <cthree> <Beagledrums> your a nub you skipped oceans!!1!
    [18:37] <cthree> <cthree> lol
    [18:37] <cthree> omg lol
    [18:37] <cromie850018> Thankyou Duncan for this chance I was suprised to be up so quick. I would love more time. As would we all. THANKS
    [18:38] <cthree> ok,
    [18:38] <sacred_prize> Its a pleasure. Take care.
    [18:38] <cthree> Duncan doesnt have much time,
    [18:38] <cthree> so heres what we are going to do--
    [18:38] <cthree> get your question ready , you have one and it has to be quick
    [18:38] <cthree> rdix is up next
    [18:38] <cthree> oceans ur up now
    [18:38] <cthree> hi oceans
    [18:39] <oceans11> First, hello Duncan and thank you for making yourself available to us again for this chat
    [18:39] <cthree> sorry about skipping you - as you can see i was heckled by a random guy
    [18:39] <sacred_prize> Don't mean to interrupt, I don't mind two, to keep things fair. Just a little quick would be helpful. Sorry.
    [18:39] <cthree> no problems ok make em quick
    [18:39] <sacred_prize> Hi Oceans. Thank you, good hear from you again
    [18:39] <oceans11> thx cthree, please copy and paste everyone
    [18:39] <cthree> lol
    [18:39] <sacred_prize> Thanks Ocean
    [18:40] <oceans11> It's a pleasure for all of us
    [18:40] <oceans11> Have any of the puzzlers working on Maranatha shed light on parts of the "key / secret / mystery" that you had not yet thought of? Have any of your principle thoughts about the nature of the secret changed or evolved since the book has been in release? (Have you discovered more since the release of Maranatha?)
    [18:40] <cthree> (great question)
    [18:41] <sacred_prize> Yes. This subject is amazing. Even last night, more was found. Book four is mind blowing
    [18:41] <oceans11> I thought so, great answer!
    [18:41] <sacred_prize> As for my own thoughts..
    [18:41] <oceans11> Simple question: Has anyone contacted you with any correct solutions for the additional online clues?
    [18:42] <oceans11> <---A bit too fast
    [18:42] <cthree> hehe
    [18:42] <sacred_prize> No my feelings are the same just more awe struck. Yes, many have deciphered the online clues, which is very rewarding
    [18:42] <sacred_prize> No worries, fast is good.
    [18:42] <cthree> thanks oceans!
    [18:42] <oceans11> Wow, thank you and continued success!
    [18:42] <sacred_prize> Thank you Ocean
    [18:43] <cthree> hi rdix
    [18:43] <rdix> Hello Duncan...thanks again for taking all this time to enlighten us
    [18:43] <cthree> (pws on deck)
    [18:43] <rdix> hi c3
    [18:43] <cthree> hiya bud
    [18:43] <rdix> Permit me a brief quote from the biography of Flamel by Magre and Merton on the flamelcollege.org site...My question will follow:
    [18:43] <rdix> "To distinguish a man's superiority, there is but a single sign: a practical and not an alleged contempt for riches... Unselfishness and innocence alone is creative, and it alone can help to raise man."
    [18:43] <sacred_prize> Hi Rdix
    [18:43] <rdix> My question is, why was this passage excluded from the Maranatha version of the bio? Perhaps the solution can only appear to those who don't desire the prize?
    [18:46] <sacred_prize> For many reasons. The word's 'man's superiority' could be dangerously miss-quoted. Another was that we wanted people to genuinely find their passions change from the money to the secret by themselves without us appearing to tell them. We have no problem someone still driven to win the reward though
    [18:47] <rdix> Great... #2: Is it fair to say that each of the seven liberal arts play a role in the puzzle? (grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy)
    [18:47] <sacred_prize> Yes, and its nice to see them said, thank you.
    [18:47] <cthree> nice
    [18:47] <cthree> thanks rdix
    [18:47] <rdix> thanks again!
    [18:47] <sacred_prize> Take care Rdix
    [18:48] <cthree> hi pw
    [18:48] <pws111> Hello cthree
    [18:48] <pws111> Hi Duncan, I have so many questions, but I'll try to narrow them down a bit.
    [18:48] <cthree> (apprentice on deck)
    [18:48] <sacred_prize> Good luck. I do understand
    [18:49] <pws111> Can you tell us how many layers are in the puzzle and if there is more than one way to solve for the submission method? Is the 'key' used in the same or similar fashion to the way it is used in the real "lock"? Is there any absurd or obscure little bone you might be willing to toss us tonight?
    [18:50] <sacred_prize> Are you sure that is two questions. LOL
    [18:50] <cthree> haha
    [18:50] <cthree> he squeezed em together!
    [18:50] <pws111> Related sort of...lol
    [18:50] <cthree> lol
    [18:50] <sacred_prize> I'll say, here goes...
    [18:52] <sacred_prize> I couldn't give a number to the number of layers due to them being so interwoven. No there is only one submission method, and only one way to find it, but several ways to get to that stage.
    [18:52] <pws111> Thanks.
    [18:52] <sacred_prize> Yes, the key is used in a similar philosophical method as a real key and lock
    [18:53] <sacred_prize> I've thrown several bones, hope you guys find them
    [18:53] <cthree> good stuff.
    [18:53] <sacred_prize> All the best PWS
    [18:53] <pws111> Great thanks Duncan. DO I get one more?
    [18:53] <cthree> thanks pws
    [18:53] <cthree> i have to move on
    [18:54] <APPRENTICE> Hello Duncan, thank you for your time and bones.
    [18:54] <cthree> hi apprentice!
    [18:54] <cthree> D
    [18:54] <cthree>
    [18:54] <sacred_prize> Hi Apprentice, Hope you are well
    [18:54] <APPRENTICE> During the last chat I asked about your statement in an Australian interview about an “artifact” in a museum that was over 500 years old. You mentioned that the part about the museum was a misquote, but I forgot to ask you if the “over 500 years old” statement was accurate. Is the “artifact” over 500 years old?
    [18:56] <cthree> (lastofthefew on deck)
    [18:56] <sacred_prize> Sorry your cut and paste came through a bit wierd. I'll try and answer what I think you mean.
    [18:56] <cthree> maybe "what about the museum quote was a mistake"
    [18:57] <APPRENTICE> I am just asking if the "artifact"is older than 500 years.
    [18:58] <sacred_prize> The misquote was about me using an artifact in London. The artifact is just under 500 years old, but it is not the only or major artifact.
    [18:58] <APPRENTICE> I am confused over the total number of “puzzle books” planned. Are there going to be 4 puzzle books with an additional 4 corresponding companion books, or will the next puzzle book with it’s companion be the final one. If the later scenario is the case, was this planned from the beginning or did the original number of planned puzzle books change from 4 to 2?
    [18:59] <sacred_prize> The plan has always been the same. Two puzzle books, books one and three, and two companion books two and four
    [19:00] <cthree> Thanks APP
    [19:00] <APPRENTICE> thanks very much!
    [19:00] <cthree> hi last
    [19:00] <sacred_prize> Thanks Apprentice, I hope you reach a higher degree soon
    [19:00] <lastofthefew> hey cthree thanx
    [19:00] <cthree> 3 more Duncan tyvm
    [19:00] <cthree> np ty
    [19:01] <cthree> (tiny on deck)
    [19:01] <sacred_prize> Hello Last
    [19:01] <lastofthefew> Fraternal greetings Bro Duncan
    [19:01] <sacred_prize> Greetings Bro.
    [19:01] <sacred_prize> Bro? Wbro?
    [19:02] <cthree> got me there!?
    [19:02] <lastofthefew> in regards to the secret.Does it relate or have anything to do with a Rediscovery made by an Arizona Farmer and subsequently patent also describe as Philosophers stone
    [19:03] <sacred_prize> Not a problem. Just offered as a polite question, of my reply address.
    [19:03] <cthree> interesting
    [19:03] <lastofthefew> Sorry thought you were a Mason
    [19:04] <sacred_prize> I am, I was asking if I replied correctly to you Brother, as a Bro or a WBro.
    [19:04] <lastofthefew> Bro is fine
    [19:06] <sacred_prize> I am unaware of the 'Rediscovery' made by an Arizona Farmer. Although, I doubt it relates to the secret refered to within Maranatha, due to the media attention it would recieve and that the news hasn't reached myself or team.
    [19:06] <sacred_prize> My I ask if you have been 'Exhaulted'
    [19:06] <lastofthefew> Thanx
    [19:06] <sacred_prize> No problem.
    [19:06] <lastofthefew> Not as yet Sir
    [19:07] <sacred_prize> No sir, all aprons are white.
    [19:07] <cthree> Very cool dialogue- one more last?
    [19:08] <lastofthefew> the key is it displayed publicaly other than on the artifact or maranatha
    [19:08] <sacred_prize> Very much YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [19:08] <lastofthefew> falg
    [19:08] <cthree>
    [19:08] <lastofthefew> opps flags
    [19:08] <cthree> is that a follow up question? lol
    [19:09] <lastofthefew> cheated oops
    [19:09] <cthree> hehe
    [19:09] <cthree> can you elaborate duncan?
    [19:09] <cthree> where? lol
    [19:12] <cthree> must be a good answer
    [19:12] <cthree> take your time -
    [19:12] <lastofthefew> got him did i
    [19:13] <cthree> maybe have him motivated typing a novel
    [19:13] <lastofthefew> war and peace
    [19:13] *** sacred_prize has quit (Quit: Blitzed CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
    [19:13] <lastofthefew> ahhhhh
    [19:13] <cthree> oh well
    [19:13] <lastofthefew> what i say
    [19:14] <cthree> so let me gram him on IM
    [19:14] <cthree> *one sec
    [19:14] <lastofthefew> k
    [19:14] <cthree> talk amogst yourselves
    [19:14] <lindenmi> good questions everyone
    [19:14] <timtiny> Thanks cthree great session
    [19:14] <lindenmi> yes thanks
    [19:15] <lindenmi> I have one but...owell
    [19:15] <cthree> great stuff guys sorry about the time out
    [19:15] <timtiny> lots of bones to chew on
    [19:15] <cthree> i imagine he'll return
    [19:15] <timtiny> much more revealing than last time
    [19:15] <lindenmi> how many peeps left?
    [19:15] <timtiny> 20 or so
    [19:15] <lastofthefew> Hmmm he knows about Hudson and Ormes
    [19:15] <cthree> tim , jev, you
    [19:15] <lindenmi> k
    [19:16] <timtiny> i was going to pass and let him sleep anyway!
    [19:16] <cthree> wow that was intense..
    [19:16] <cthree> hehe thats cool of you i know hes bonked
    [19:16] <lindenmi> ask him about it then...about hudson and ormes.
    [19:16] <cthree> ts like 4 there
    [19:16] <timtiny> 3.15AM
    [19:16] <lindenmi> wow, that is late
    [19:16] <lastofthefew> lindenmi i asked cryptically about ORMES
    [19:16] <pws111> Same time for you TIM?
    [19:16] <cthree> Thanks to Nitey and net for helping me set this up
    [19:17] <timtiny> yes same time
    [19:17] *** sacred_prize has joined #maranatha
    [19:17] <cthree> hi buddy
    [19:17] <timtiny> lol
    [19:17] <lindenmi> wb.
    [19:17] <cthree> mute coming thx guys
    [19:17] <netsirk> you are very welcome cthree!!!
    [19:17] <cthree> hi duncan
    [19:17] <cthree> sorry about the timeout
    [19:17] <cthree> 13th and all bad luck abounds
    [19:18] <sacred_prize> Hello so sorry. Computer just shuut down. Just rebooted. Can we continue?
    [19:18] <cthree> yes please, you were commenting on just where this key is displayed in public, or how
    [19:19] <sacred_prize> Last of the few. Apologies. Flags, good question, not the answer, but don't forget the question. Please and Harmony
    [19:19] <lastofthefew> Thanx Duncan for that
    [19:19] <cthree> ty last great questions
    [19:20] <sacred_prize> Pleasure. SMB
    [19:20] <cthree> next up is tiny (2 more duncan ty so much for your time)
    [19:20] <timtiny> Thanks for the fascinating puzzle Duncan, quick yes / nos it's late.
    [19:20] <cthree> hi tiny
    [19:20] <cthree> thx
    [19:20] <sacred_prize> Don't worry. thank you
    [19:20] <timtiny> 1) Do all 3 sections of the pigpen clue us to constructions?
    [19:20] <timtiny> 2) Is the 'key' construction made up of smaller constructions?
    [19:21] <sacred_prize> Yes, that was easy thank you
    [19:21] <sacred_prize> The answer was for both
    [19:21] <timtiny> 3) Is the 'key' construction used to pull out letters from the pigpen?
    [19:21] <timtiny> 4) Does the number 2223 play a part in the constructions?
    [19:22] <sacred_prize> Sorry, can't comment on the last two
    [19:22] <cthree> effectivley manuvering 4 questions into 2 little efficient bundles - nice
    [19:22] <timtiny> 2 out of 4 not bad.
    [19:22] <cthree> thanks tim
    [19:22] <timtiny> thanks
    [19:23] <cthree> hi jev :
    [19:23] <jev> Hello
    [19:23] <sacred_prize> Hello
    [19:23] <cthree> (lin on deck)
    [19:23] <jev> I'l try to make it quick promise
    [19:23] <jev> I've read reports about strange events and deaths occuring during the production of the first book that almost caused the book not to be made? Is there any truth to these?
    [19:24] <sacred_prize> It is late, but I'm sure it is for other too. Thank you.
    [19:25] <sacred_prize> It is strange, yes, this project is like my Father's description of parenthood. 'It's the most rewarding and yet soul destroying thing I have ever done'.
    [19:25] <cthree> hehe
    [19:26] <jev> Ok can you elaborate
    [19:26] <sacred_prize> As a business project, we have been faulted at every corner...
    [19:27] <jev> so what makes you continue?
    [19:28] <sacred_prize> We have suffered from suppliers going bust under us, bank failures, and yes, the final months of the production were dangerously hampered by a strange lists of illness and unfortunate deaths. Which if I did know better, I would begin to worry.
    [19:28] <sacred_prize> We carry on, because we love what it is
    [19:28] <cthree> Great questions, great answers--thanks jev
    [19:28] <jev> I can't argue with that
    [19:28] <sacred_prize> Thank you
    [19:28] <jev> Thanks and bye
    [19:29] <cthree> hi lin
    [19:29] <lindenmi> hello
    [19:29] <lindenmi> and thank you
    [19:29] <cthree> thnak you
    [19:29] <sacred_prize> Hello
    [19:29] <cthree>
    [19:29] <lindenmi> 1. Does Ormes have anything to do with maranatha or the philosiphers stone?
    [19:31] <sacred_prize> Yes, but not in away to focus on. Both concepts of Maranatha and the Philosophers stone, encourage people to read and learn beyond. in doing so, you would learn about Ormes
    [19:31] <lindenmi> 2. Is the Key to maranatha usable on the KJV of the Bible that you know of?
    [19:32] <sacred_prize> Tricky, yes, but not in the format that is found in the book Maranatha
    [19:32] <lindenmi> 3. were / are you a priest? And what is your faith?
    [19:32] <sacred_prize> I have never been a priest. I was a Bahai, my faith is solid
    [19:32] <cthree> thanks lin good stuff
    [19:33] <lindenmi> thank you cthree and Duncan.
    [19:33] <cthree> lastly,
    [19:33] <sacred_prize> Thank Lindenmi
    [19:33] <cthree> one of Tweleves mods has a few

    [19:33] <cthree> hi nite
    [19:33] <sacred_prize> Fine by me
    [19:33] <Nitefyre> Quick questions for a few that couldn't make it
    [19:33] <Nitefyre> First,
    [19:33] <Nitefyre> In a press article you said that various anagrams were to be used -- how important are anagrams in the puzzle, and do you feel they are vital to the solution?
    [19:33] <sacred_prize> Sure
    [19:34] <sacred_prize> No not vital at all.
    [19:34] <Nitefyre> Second, do we HAVE to decode the text?
    [19:35] <sacred_prize> Yes, really. It is possible without doing so, but it would be more luck than judgement
    [19:35] <cthree>
    [19:35] <Nitefyre> Thanks Duncan!
    [19:35] <cthree> Thanks nitey
    [19:35] <cthree> One last one from me Duncan ;D
    [19:35] <Nitefyre>
    [19:35] <sacred_prize> Thank you nitey
    [19:36] <cthree> Imagine Maranatha was a person.
    [19:36] <sacred_prize> Ok
    [19:36] <cthree> What would its favorite color be?
    [19:36] <sacred_prize> It would be every colour imaginable
    [19:36] <cthree> What Letter?
    [19:37] <sacred_prize> It would be every single letter or device every used to express a thought
    [19:37] <cthree> What number?
    [19:37] <cthree> I was going to ask what food but i think i know he/she enjoys a buffet
    [19:38] <sacred_prize> It wouldn't have a number, as for a buffet, yes, a finger buffet
    [19:38] <cthree> fingers! numbers!
    [19:38] <cthree> thanks duncan youve been really cool.
    [19:38] <sacred_prize> Well done

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    Ok seems that the whole chat log can't fit into one so here the rest:

    [19:38] <sacred_prize> Well done
    [19:38] <cthree> Top man.
    [19:38] <cthree> Let me unmute everyone to tell you goodnight
    [19:38] <cthree> Dont try to pop questions on this poor guy!
    [19:38] <sacred_prize> Words I wouldn't ever use to describe me
    [19:39] <cthree> another 2.5 hr interview
    [19:39] <cthree> haha
    [19:39] <cthree> thanks D
    [19:39] <lindenmi> thanks again duncan
    [19:39] <timtiny> thanks for all the bones
    [19:39] <jev> Good night, get well soon, x
    [19:39] <pws111> Thanks Duncan. Have a great evening - What's left of it...LOL
    [19:39] <cthree> Great chat guys thanks
    [19:39] <sacred_prize> My pleasure everyone. It has been most enjoyable.
    [19:39] <acraun> Thanks for your time and your good humor.
    [19:39] <SLForbess> Hope you feel better soon, Duncan. G'night.
    [19:39] <Janice> Night all, sweet dreams
    [19:39] <astree> Good morning, Duncan. Hope you feel better, and that Jacob is well.
    [19:40] <sacred_prize> Actually, feel better already, must be the 13th passing
    [19:40] <cthree> ah yes must be
    [19:40] <APPRENTICE> Best wishes Duncan!
    [19:40] <sacred_prize> Two boys, Jacob and Benjamin
    [19:40] <cromie850018> tHANKYOU from Cromie and family we have all enjoyed this. Now the sloth will go to work with the families assistance till we close up at 9pm and go on call all night.
    [19:40] <cthree> ty cromie
    [19:41] <astree> Great to hear. Hope they enjoy each other, and you, them!
    [19:41] <sacred_prize> If anyone hears from Freetofall, please do get him to contact me. I know you can't please everyone, but if I can address issues, i would like to do so
    [19:41] <cthree> I'll tell him you addressed him directly
    [19:41] <cromie850018> and i better ring my Mum and wish her a happy birthday
    [19:41] <cthree> thx
    [19:41] <cthree> do that cromie!
    [19:41] <cthree> happy bday mum
    [19:42] <sacred_prize> Thank you Cromie. Thrilled that it has been a family affair
    [19:42] <sacred_prize> Good idea Cromie
    [19:42] <sacred_prize> Thank you Cthree.
    [19:42] <cthree> thank you Duncan youve been great
    [19:42] <netsirk> Duncan - thanks for taking the time to join us - you have made us all VERY happy people!!!
    [19:42] <cthree> Please sleep well.
    [19:43] <cthree> Keep me posted
    [19:43] <sacred_prize> I hope so. You guys have coined the Phrase Maranatha'd, I condition I am not immune to.
    [19:44] <lindenmi> lol
    [19:44] <cthree> lolz
    [19:44] <sacred_prize> Take care all. Thank you again, good morning and good night (Delete where applicable)
    [19:44] *** sacred_prize has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)

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    Thanks Nitefyre and cthree, and of course, Duncan.

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    :P That was some amazing stuff :P I was stoked when duncan answered my questions without a No Comment .

    Many thanx to Tweleve,Cthree,Nitefyre and WBro.Duncan for staying up soooo late. :P
    "Anunnaki- Who From Heaven to Earth Came"

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    Thanks to DB, Cthree, Nitefyre and all the Twelevers that participated!

    That was fun

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    Yeah it was thanks.

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    <cthree> 56. There are no female characters in the pigpen text or in the drawings.
    [17:50] <cthree> Was this done in order to draw attention to the feminine glyphs/symbols?
    [17:51] <sacred_prize> I believe, in the text, you have wisdom refered to as a 'She'
    [17:51] <cthree> This you do

    I just re-read the text 3 times and I can't find any instance of wisdom being referred to as a "she". Do you guys have something I don't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamrock
    <cthree> 56. There are no female characters in the pigpen text or in the drawings.
    [17:50] <cthree> Was this done in order to draw attention to the feminine glyphs/symbols?
    [17:51] <sacred_prize> I believe, in the text, you have wisdom refered to as a 'She'
    [17:51] <cthree> This you do

    I just re-read the text 3 times and I can't find any instance of wisdom being referred to as a "she". Do you guys have something I don't?
    Wisdom refereed to as She is probably a reference to Sophia.

    From http://www.wiu.edu/users/mfjks/303sfa.html
    The Sophia Tradition
    Sophia means wisdom.
    Philosophy, first used by Pythagoras, means “lover of Sophia.”
    The Sophia tradition is found in the Wisdom literature in the Hebrew Bible.
    For the earliest Christians:
    Divine masculine = Jesus
    Divine feminine = Sophia

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    I just re-read the text 3 times and I can't find any instance of wisdom being referred to as a "she". Do you guys have something I don't?
    I can't even remember the last time that I read the text, but just as an aside, remember that spacing is subjective. For example THATSHE could be broken as THAT'S HE or THAT SHE.
    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    GeneSIS -- ISaIah -- Revelations +++++++++ GOD IS!
    When you reach the end of the tail lookout for the teeth of the biting head.

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    Apprentice- I took spacing into account when deciphering and reading the text, but nowhere is there any reference of wisdom as being a "she" or female The only line that he may be talking about is
    Like the kings before, he knew the worth of these queens.
    . Other than that, I have no idea. Cthree seemed to agree with Duncan's comment, though.


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