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Aaron's Rod was put in the Ark at Solomon's Temple and has disappeared in history. Who knows? later ron
Yeah - I thought the interview with Duncan shed some light on this, plus a tip off from GWION.

Dunno how intentional it was but it certainly drew my attention to his posts. When I saw he joined on St Sulpice day this year I started thinking "conspiracy" aka Spock. I emailed him and he said not the case - he is very insightful though. I dont agree with all he has to say but his has some pearlers to offer!!! (Thanks Gwi!!)

Muellin - Aarons rod. 2 (actually 3 words - an unbalanced divide????) mean the same thing. So what else in LRB can be taken two ways...mirroring even?

Was stumbling around casting my own personal web of gold (hey I can call it that coz of my last name!!!! I can even claim to be a FOOL!!) (sic. Crazed Spider) looking for alleged resting places of alleged sacred relics when I stumbled on PHILOMENA - the alleged saint. (see thread).

I am trying not to get too involved in yet more history - I think this can confirm our individual findings, and is fascinating - but it wont solve this puzzle on its own.

I did find a lot of interesting facts on pagan saints and supposed relics from the old testament and the time of Christ.

And a lot of Roman Catholic Red Herrings!!!!

If someone has the time and inclination to compile it all would make a fascinating read.

Its on my to do list....and volunteers after this is solved...happy to share!!!

I digress.

FYI - I am trying to reconcile the clues with my recent and older key findings. But then I think "Golden Hare" (Cliff Johnson, Spocks Hero, flagged this in his email to me. It on his site re Golden Arrow - pure coincidence; cliff pointed this out after I told him wht spock had called me n ricky) The Golden Hare describes puzzlers with very sound logic coming up with solutions that seem valid but are completely wrong. I guess working back from a "solution" we can make the clues fit. Its getting harder and harder to remain impartial, especially as more history is unearthed.

The other, more critical activity I am involved in is the solution method...and the process I am using is very logical and requires nothing more than the book itself. This is a laborious process and I take time out often to clear my head...which invariably involves me searching the web and finding new history!!!!

My latest find refers to the clue that ends "have you discovered the secret history of the standard of this land.

The answer I have come up with is not along the lines of anything I have seen on here.

Please understand I cant share the detail on this till...
a) I know I am on the right ttrack
b) If it is right then I have a big enough head start to win the cash!!!! (by the way - I am not suggesting that this is related to the claim method - but perhaps one of the "truths' that have historically been mistaken - "confirm those who will reveal the answers" - but dont pursue the claiming of the prize thru them!

I will answer PMs of course, if anyone thinks I have a shred of credibility remaining.