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Thread: Solution to "A parting gift"

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    Default Solution to "A parting gift"

    First of all, I apologize for starting a new thread, but the original one is already heavily contaminated.

    Second of all, thanks to Craze Spider for the clue. I'm gonna miss you man, but not your crazy friends. I hope you're taking them with you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craze Spider View Post
    Begin at the last to darken the Day
    One without colour and One without shade
    Eight to the hand and legs the same
    A two-part cryptic style clue which relies primarily on substitution and elimination steps.

    The first part is simply the first phrase. The day darkens at last at Sun Set. The word "begin" instructs use to use initial letters. We thus generate SS.

    The next step is to carry out the proper substitutions in the second phrase. This is the hardest part of the clue.

    There are three substitutions. "One" is replaced by the letter "I."

    "Without color" is replaced by "grey."

    "Shade" is replaced by "parasol."

    "One without" is one of two instructions for elimination, in this case "a" where one equates "one" with "a."

    "legs the same" is the second elimination instruction, referring to the letters of the word "legs."

    "Eight to the hand" simply lets us know we are after eight letters.

    Back to the execution of the steps.

    The substitutions yield:

    I G R E Y P A R A S O L.

    We eliminate all the As and the letters L E G S.

    We are left with I R Y P R O.

    This anagrams to PRIORY.

    Assembling parts one and two yields SS PRIORY.

    This is an unusual clue because it is not solvable unless you are already aware of the answer and have the luxury of working your way back from it.

    It's a very elaborate confirmer.


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    Jester is bugging out.....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyarrow View Post
    Jester is bugging out.....................
    Shhh Ricky

    Thats not playful banter

    I mean it

    Hes got a lot of it...(YK,)

    I fair shot I reckon - wait see what Abii says. The "perceived mistakes" are meant to include those .....etc..

    To others - the prize remains unclaimed to our knowledge .

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    Trax where you aware that Priory and Duncan spent 3 months rewriting the purple book?

    Why? It was not easy enough for people to understand..............NOW this puzzle is one big mess.

    Get this I have made more money NOT doing this puzzle.... oh lets see.........a meteorite at $250K solving to 2 puzzles worth $30K-uncollected.

    Just last week I went after $50K (another meteorite) and now working Vegas Die for $25K which will be solved by my Rio and myself.........

    Duncan is just trying to get us all to sleep in are cars...................

    Its better I blow off steam here instead of doing something else..........like make a million dollars away from Duncan

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