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    Chasing Charlie treasure hunt


    By following the story of three children retracing the steps of Bonnie Prince Charlie, clues where revealed as to the whereabouts of 1,000 bottles of Scotch Malt whisky hidden in the Scottish Highlands. The hunt ended with the main prize unclaimed, but hunt participants were invited to join the author to share 150 of the bottles for the Millennium Hogmanay near Loch Arkaig in the Scottish Highlands.

    The remaining 850 bottles may still lie waiting for someone to discover. Updated in August 2003, the main website recounts the story that forms the hunt and in addition www.thecrossword.com appears to contain additional information and clues. A club member has also noticed www.aliceincyberland.com which although presently empty (Aug 2004) is registered to the author, links to thecrossword and may also be related to Chasing Charlie.

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    Worked on this one some time ago. I am not aware of the hunt still ongoing. Will have to check it out.
    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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