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Thread: The Gold Ticket

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    Red face The Gold Ticket

    Not to be confused with "The Golden Ticket" from the book Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, The Gold Ticket is about winning your own candy factory, and possibly $5,000. Wait, so I guess it is pretty similar.



    In the United States of America, David Klein (AKA the Candyman) is offering folks from all 50 states a chance to win one of his Jelly Belly candy factories. In each state, participation is limited to 1,000 hunters. He encourages family and friends to work together to solve a state's hunt, and find the Gold Ticket. (They look like gold colored military dog tags.) If you find a ticket, you win $5,000! If you find one of the 50 Gold Tickets, you could also win your own candy factory!

    He's releasing each state's hunt over time, as to spread out participation (and likely, income). Some states are going live, soon! I already pre-ordered a participation slot for my home state. Looks like it could be fun!

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    to clarify the above, the candy factories are owned by the man who thought up the name for the Jelly Belly brand, but he does not operate under that brand. The factory prize is not affiliated with the current owners of the Jelly Belly trademark.

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    Anyone else doing this hunt? The Mass one just started this morning. Seems like a straight riddle. Part 1 is:
    "You might one day own this place you search"

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