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Thread: Coincidence or Something?

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    Default Coincidence or Something?

    Would have put this in new ideas, but is temp closed, so please move to whatever home you think appropriate.

    On with the topic at hand....

    I just wanted to start a thread about how to go about determining whether something in the book is coincidence or part of a solution. Has anyone else been running into things that you think "wow, this must be something", but then you begin to wonder if it is just a coincidence?

    Do you think MS might have put verifications in the story so if you think you find something that there would be some way to verify before going way too far down a path?

    I saw an article that said mathematicions would say that coincidences are common especially when dealing with large numbers. But do you think coincidences would be common inside a storybook?

    Any thoughts on this or on how one might determine what is and is not coincidence?

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    Honestly, I don't think anything in ATT is coincidence. I think that it is all well thought out and it is all purposeful.


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    But, I think all the things we *think* are clues *could* be coincidences! Of course, we won't know until the end, but I wouldn't be surprised if most of the ideas posted on this forum, that *seem* too good to be true, are just coincidences! You'll find, as with any treasure hunt, that you can make *any* location fit what seems like a clue. But that's not MS's fault! LOL
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    The best place to talk about coincidences is in the specific forums.

    Find the page that the issue is on and post in that forum. When certain things appear to be located in many spots throughout the book, we'll create a general forum for it.... like the "missing and oddball letters" forum.

    New Clues and Media is a place for New Clues FROM STADTHER.... and media that talks about the book or the tokens or this site.. :c)

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