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Thread: new book being worked on by mike

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    Default new book being worked on by mike

    i was also at the CT signing but went on sunday.
    he also told me of the april 1st clue and i said "on april fools day?" and he smiled

    i asked him to sign his favorite drawing as an artist and he flipped through the book trying to decide, and signed pg 31 and i said "near the overlook huh?" again he simply looked up again with an ear to ear grin.

    we also talked about a 2nd book and he said he's working on it right now and opened his brief case and pulled out what he called a rough version of a weird looking script that read "trove treasure trove " each word on top of the next and when you turn it over it also reads "trove treasure trove".
    pretty cool .

    he definately seemed REALLY nice.

    the jewels are AWESOME. crystal pook was on display with the other jewels and will not be traveling elsewhere becase of its brittle tail. Danbury showed it cause this is where it was made and stays. i met the jewel designer and had him sign my book near the picture of the token. He said that each token has a "picture " of the bug it represents on it.

    thats all i can think of for now.
    i need the jewels

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    Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 12:00 am Post subject:


    oh yes, and he confirmed his presance on this forum but said it's become too big and he doesn't keep up with all the posts anymore. he also sometimes uses a "moderater" to speak on his behalf .
    i need the jewels

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    Thank you gunwraith. It sounds like your meeting was very exciting! I live in the sticks and will never get a chance to meet "Da Man" so I have to live vicariously through the rest of you.

    thanks again.
    Calgon, take me away! To the jewels preferably!

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    Default New Book

    I wonder what kind of trouble they could get into next, and if there will be another treasure hunt!

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