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Thread: Blue Nile White Nile

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    so maybe something needs to be reversed? the numbers on the grid?

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    i thought the car/vehicle was the GARST. ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shecrab
    The number grid and the fish are interesting.

    The grid is numbered with elements: Sb=antimony, Ni=nickel, 9=Flourine, 49=Indium, 102=Nobelium, 99=Einsteinium, 1 (sideways)=hydrogen, 53=Iodine.

    If you take the letters of these< sb ni f in no es h i, they spell out (when anagrammed) Fish is on Benin.

    Hi folks. I'm from the Quest4Treasure BB. I bought the book about 3/4 months ago, but couldn't really get into it. When I look at a new hunt, I like to see clues or puzzles that I can immediately start working on, but for some reason, I just couldn't find that with this particular hunt. Anyway, there weren't any discussions on our BB and I noticed that your forum had become active on this recently and so thought that I would add my own thoughts.

    The grid in the sand was the most obvious place to start for me as it gives you something to work with. The book is inspired by Masquerade by Kit Williams and there was a similar number grid in that book, which also used atomic numbers and symbols, which spelt out - FALSE NOUU THINK AGAIN (false now think again).

    shecrab - you have found a number 1 sideways on in the grid, which you have taken to be Hydrogen (H), but I just can't see it myself. What could be a sideways number 1 (to the left of 99) just looks like a faint mark in the sand to me (of which there are several in the grid). All of the other letters/numbers are clear and stand out.

    On how to find the token, the opening poem says:

    Numbers spinning round, I am the final six
    But you must find the four before in the order that I fix

    The most obvious way to reveal the location of something would be a grid reference. In the UK we use 6 numbers preceded by 2 letters:


    'I am the final six' could be referring to the 6 numbers.

    'But you must find the four before' could be referring to the 2 letters in a way that each letter of the alphabet can be assigned a number (eg: T = 20th letter = 20).

    As an example, 20 12 would be the square TL on the map.


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    Default It's all Greek to me

    I think the deliberate mistake in this picture is probably the olympic symbol on a flag, as that was only designed when the competition widened and it sybolises unity, (through the links in the circles,) so it would not have been invented when they visited. I know i haven't posted this in the right place, but i couldn't find a thread for "its all Greek to me".

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    Hi Mitch,

    There seems to be this link with some discussion of It's All Greek to Me:


    Nice to see a new face - maybe we can generate a bit more chat about this puzzle! : )

    All the best,


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