as we wonder about whether the anachronisms are artistic license, or clues to the "lies" in each illustration, perhaps there is another meaning to the anachronisms. even richard in the story refers to not just being lost in time, but confused in time....listing alexander the great, pythagoras, archimedes all in the same scene.
the russia scene and poem covers a vast period of russian histiory.
it seems to be speaking to the [i]simultaneity of time{i]--how else could a time machine work?
the orcale says everything is relative.

there are 3 levels of the book--illustrations, story, poems,
and then 3 senses of time (past present, future)-- all mingled together.
9 planets , plus sun and moon =11
number of illustrations 11.
"final 6" plus the "four before"=10 (do we subtract the cover scene, with the red herring?)