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Thread: All roads lead to Rome

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    Default All roads lead to Rome

    Hi Tweleve,

    Anyone working the on the Oracle? Making progress?

    I can't seem to get my teeth into this one as I have no idea where to start. Anyway I've spent some time today reading about Roman Empire. Here are my thoughts on the picture, but please be aware I had no previous knowledge of this subject and my thoughts below are just what I have found on the net.

    Not sure if SPQR on the vexillum is correct. Think it would more likely have identified the legion or cohort. Also not sure if it should be more towards the front during the march rather than in the middle. Possibly there should be a real gold eagle over the top of the vexillum. Not sure if green cloaks would have been worn.

    I think the clothing, ships and white cliffs are reasonable.

    Finally, anyone know what the wheel at the top left is. I initially thought it must be some kind of artillery device but can't find anything that looks like it.


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    Hi there,

    I've had a busy couple months so haven't looked at this for awhile, but would love to pick back up, especially if we could get some discussion going. (I'm going to be away for a weekend or so, but will be back in the land of e-mail early next week.)


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