Hi Everyone,

I have some great news!

Pete Wilder the author of THE ORACLE - LOST IN TIME has agreed to be interviewed.

As some you know I've been working on the puzzle for quite some time now and have had a few ideas about how to solve it. None of those ideas so far have been correct but it has enabled me to get to know Mr Wilder via email. He has very kindly and politely told me each time I submitted an answer that I was wrong. I've always found him very approachable and fair. I recently emailed him and asked if he would mind being interviewed and he has agreed!

So now is your chance. If there is anything that you want to ask him now is the time. Post your questions under this post and I'll forward them to the author.

I think this is a great chance to dust off your books and get your thinking caps on. If you have ever had a thought about the puzzle now is the time to ask the man who constructed it. Get you questions in ASAP as I'd really like to get the ball rolling on this.

All the best