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Thread: Twins

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    Default Twins

    There are 2 sets of fairy twins. Apart from their wings being a bit different, their faces are the same.
    Loads of thistles.
    Primrose and rose leaves
    Pook is near a river which appears to be on the plains.

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    The first time I saw the twins it said "Twin Cities" to me. Pook ate too many purple thistles. (Go Vikings) Anyplace in the cities emit a funky smell and make anything like a 'pook' noise?
    I'm also thinking that in the text, the dark boiling clouds the form overhead and dip toward the ground like hands grabbing at the forest floor... Could the author be hinting that all the jewels are near some kind of factory, plant, polluting type of place. That phrase on the bottom of page 44 makes me wonder...
    (mumbling to self) Maintain a sense of humor about all this, it's SUPPOSED to be FUN! Grrr.

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    Okay.. I've heard a few rumblings about this page representing the Twin Cities. It combines with a zip code on another page. I'm fairly familiar with that area in the zip code.. and there are quite a few factories. But it's a large area, and I think I'd need more to narrow it down.

    Oh well.. a good place to start!

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