Has anyone noticed that the flower on page 44 (just below the hind legs of Pook) looks amazingly like the flowers on page 69? I don't know for sure, but I'm going with the belief that the pages must be related. First of all, as many Indiana residents will attest, this flower most represents a serrated thistle flower associated with southwestern Indiana. I don't know of any other place in the Continental US which has such a flower. Interestingly, there are 25 pages between 44 and 69, so maybe it represents one page per grid (under the 5x5 grid theory). Perhaps the first letter of each of these pages could anagram to something(nothing I've found thus far, but help is encouraged). In addition, I have noticed that there is one full page without text (page 46, if you discount the caption), and I would qualify ten others with about half a page of text. Combining the text of those half pages into what might qualify as full pages, we are left with 19 pages of text. The nineteenth state is Indiana (ratified in 1816)!!! One more thing about the two pages--there are nine fairies on page 44. Page 69 has those vines entwined in the corners of of big drop cap T box. Looking closely at those I found that the upper two corners have 9 coils (going counterclockwise, 2+3+3+1 in the top left), and the bottom two corners have 10 coils apiece. Now, of course you can see that 10+9 is 19, which I find suspicious but don't know how it is relevant. But I also think that maybe Pook the dog must be the tenth “fairy” in the picture on page 44. We know that he is special, and so maybe this picture, combined with its likeness on page 69, reveals to us that Pook is a fairy. If so, then maybe HE is the one telling us where to go.
I am struggling now with trying to put the pieces together in this hard but rewarding find.