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Thread: Deafblind Manual Alphabet and other manual hand speak sites

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    Default Deafblind Manual Alphabet and other manual hand speak sites

    I have been looking at pgs. 44 and 36.

    And thinking about the POEM lines and the TEXT in ATT.

    and when
    Firefly says:
    Firefly gave up. "This human is not only deaf and stupid. He's blind."
    How do you speak to a person who is deaf and also blind.

    You would use the Deafblind Manual Alphabet. (I think MANY of us have received these little cards at some time in our lives.)


    Perhaps the fairy on the bottom left of pg 44 is making a "W" in the hand of her fairy twin?

    The fairy just above (left side - 1st fairy up from bottom row) is making a sign that looks much like the popular handspeak sign - "ILY" - for "I love you" - they make patches of this one and sell them.

    from: http://www.handspeak.com/

    Another observation would be the fairy in the middle is making a sign with her two hands, fingers spread, that indicate Braille imagery.

    from: http://www.nbp.org/

    by the way don't you think the braillebug logo (a kids braille website) just a wee bit interesting ?

    from: http://www.afb.org/braillebug/

    Or perhaps the fairy in the middle with her hands on the big brown mushroom, fingers spread is showing you the true meaning of "five to a side" ? Many here have postulated that theory. If so, numbering, as well as letters, can also be found in the American Manual Alphabet chart.


    and one last one - just for good measure

    the Two Handed Manual Alphabet

    I think a case could be made that MS may have used one, two, or all of these "other" alphabets, and, that,,,,

    ...if we just keep looking...we just might 'see'.
    "When you created the book, you also created us."

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    Default hmmmmmmmm

    This is a novel approach. It was quickly recognized that the hand shapes were not standard sign language, but no one took it to the Helen Keller level of complexity. I like how you tied in the text too, that adds weight to your solution idea. All we need now is a couple of words to pop out to proove your theory.

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