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Thread: Credit to RdShackleford

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    Default Credit to RdShackleford

    To everyone--
    I have a correction to make regarding my long post the other day (the one discussing the circumstances of the Snail token find). In the first paragraph of my post, I mentioned that all hunters who solved the snail puzzle (and, apparently have solved several other puzzles since then) owed a debt of gratitude to Elrohir for solving the dragonfly puzzle (i. e., one explained puzzle solution so efficiently narrowed the focus for everyone that more progress has been made on this hunt in the ensuing week than at any time since its beginning).
    I used the phrase, describing Elrohir, "for his discovery and illustrations over the weekend". This was a facet of a larger message, mostly not about the dragonfly puzzle, so I did not properly research the people who did the hard work of illustrating the solution, and I gave blanket credit to Elrohir because the token became his.
    It is clear that a lot of people put a lot of work into solving this puzzle and into explaining it, and that this selfless work was invaluable to the forum. I would like to expressly give credit to RdShackleford for his detailed pictures, and I hope for forgiveness from anyone who also contributed to this breakthrough whose name or contribution I have failed to specifically acknowledge. Clearly without the work of RdShackleford and others, people would still be running through frequency text analysis parameters or trying to determine the number and pattern of hairs on the third fairy from the left, or trying to Viginere cipher the captions, rather than booking flights excitedly.

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    Been a while since I have been able to take a look at the forum. Alot has gone down since my last visit. One quick question......Did the person who found the dragonfly token token solve any part of the clues which led them to the token?

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