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Thread: Possible token location

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    Default Possible token location

    This is the park map for what I really believe is the drop-cap S map. No one else believes me, so I'm posting it for anybody that sees the obvious connection. Anybody in AZ, please go find the token. It is possible that the token may be hidden off of the main road, before you get to the entrance of the park. I only ask that you include me as a co-finder when you redeem it.


    If the above link doesn't get you right to it, look around in that album. There are two pages. It's a black and white image of the bottom of the S and the Red Rock map.

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    i SO wish i was in AZ, because that map looks like a dead ringer to me

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    I agree, that's it. I am 7 hours away. Tempting, very tempting...

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