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Thread: Washington Monument

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    Default Washington Monument

    Just looking at this page I keep coming up with the Washington Monument.
    Rusful is the monument and the puddle is the reflecting pool. I also
    see the word Hill in the black cracks at the top, written backwards lliH...capitol hill?
    anyone have any thoughts?

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    Welcome, Trovee!

    I can see where you might come up with your idea. However,
    before you pursue this idea (or any others) further, please read the entire
    story posted here: http://tweleve.org/forum/viewtopic.p...ighlight=#5851

    Like your mom used to say, it's for your own good
    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

    "Here is my lens. You know my methods."

    Sherlock Holmes

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    I see what you're talking about concerning references to the Washington monument, but feniangirl is right - it's a potential terrorist target, highly secure, and therefore not terribly likely for a token location - it would cause too much trouble to hide one there. That said... There are at least 2 other similar monuments in the country that I can think of off the top of my head - #1 the Bunker Hill memorial in Boston, which is located right by the Charles River (there's your water), and #2 the Battle of Bennington (I think that's what it's called) monument in Bennington VT.
    They would likely not be such targets, and therefore better token locations. Try a Google search on both monuments and see what you think...

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    For the last 6 months, the W.M. has been fenced off while they improve the security (to be completed in the Spring). The hill it sits on never had any trees - but the area between the W.M. and Lincoln Memorial is full of trees - along with the WWII memorial, the Viet Nam memorial, reflecting pool, etc.

    I did a token search in the D.C. area a couple of months ago and was floored by how many trees there are (Lydon Memorial Grove/Ladybird Park). Walked thru the above-mentioned area last week, not looking for tokens but it's always on my mind lately. Tons of places to hide, but the security situation is always an issue.

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