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Thread: still another strange thing on cover of YNOF

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    Default still another strange thing on cover of YNOF

    Just thought I'd have to share this, and I would like to hear anybody's thoughts on it. The other day when I was peering through the magnifying glass trying to find the hidden words on the cover of YNOF (p.37) something at the right edge of the cover really caught my eye. Look at the dark line on the right edge of the cover through a magnifying glass, and you'll see some distinct little notches cut into it. Remember how the ladybug puzzle and I believe one other puzzle used some little lines or segments on the border's edge for the coords of the 5 X 5? Could these notches be used a similar way? I haven't really looked at them very well yet, bu they're really obvious.

    Actually this dark line going up and down and across the right and bottom edge is a shadow the book makes. You can't tell it's a shadow unless you look through the magnifying glass. You see the shadow of the lock, etc.

    This idea follows up on the idea just posted in the Pook forum by top-jimmy ("In the text"). So you might want to look at that thread. I posted this here because it has to do with these pages specifically.

    Anyway, like top-jimmy says, "Within the text you will find the key" could be referring to this nomenclature textbook (a textbook, a "text"). By the way, is that a lock pictured on the cover on p. 37, or just a clasp? If it's a lock, there's a key to it somewhere. Maybe there is a picture of a key somewhere? Well, it's just an interesting idea.

    Well, what do you all make of the notches on the right edge of the cover...anything to this, do you think?

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    I see the little notches, but have no ideas about their significance. On page 81 the reflection of Rusful's right foot and leg looks like a key.

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