In the foreword MS hopes that everyone will read this book to a child. Lofty ideal. Maybe it's just me, but I find a lot of big words in this chapter. Words that would have to be explained to a child. There are much more simple words that could have been used. For instance: apothecary-druggist, taciturn - silent, transmute - change, lethal - deadly. These are not the only words that would have to be defined for young kids. Sulfurous, mottled, malevolent, grotto, stagnant etc. Yes, other chapters have big words, but not to this extent. I guess what made me notice this is that I retired from teaching last year and I know my 7th grade students would have had trouble defining some of these words. Some would grasp the meaning from context clues, but many would not.

So, did MS deliberately choose more difficult words, and, if so, why? Or maybe he's just not used to writing for children. Or, maybe he hoped to generate discussion between adult and child. I don't know - just something to maybe think about.