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Thread: Chapter 11 makes me think of....

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    Default Chapter 11 makes me think of....

    This is going to sound really odd (but if you knew me you wonldn't be surprised by this), anyway.. when I read this chapter, some the of the descriptive words made me think of a place.. Black Hills, Stalamites or Stalagtites, Apothecary.. anyone? Sounds like South Dakota to me.. The Black Hills, The Badlands, and of course Wall Drug!! There is so much Black Hills Gold jewelry in that tourist trap, you wouldn't notice a token if it bit you.. just thinking out loud...
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    Moby, one of the first places that I thought of before I ever even read the book was in SD, because in the author's profile, we're told how he's an environmentalist. SD is where the Teddy Roosevelt natl park is, and it was set aside as a memorial park to him because he was the first president to seemingly realize that if the fed. govt didn't set aside some of our most beautiful areas, they wouldn't last.

    There's also a Whistling cave in the badlands, and "tree art" if you consider petrified forests to be art. Just thought I'd share, since you seem to be on that wavelength.
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